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#Anal Phone Sex

abby38I know exactly what you’re thinking when you see my tight little round ass, and that cute little pink hole of mine. You want to slide your tongue in there and lick it and get it ready for something extra hard. You want to slide your hard cock right in between my ass cheeks and tease that hole with your nice mushroom head. And see that’s exactly why anal phone sex is perfect for you! How many times have you tried to get your wife or girlfriend to let you play with her ass…only to have her turn you away. I would never do that! I have the same fetish that you do. I’m always ready for a nice good fucking in this little tight ass. Then again, its my ass that you want, or if you like to have your ass played with as well, oh we can so do that. I do also have a huge ass fetish. Call me for freaky anal phone sex and get ready for some hot,kinky fun.

Princess Abby
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Dear Diary – sugar daddy princess

Dear Diary,
It’s me, Little Princess Abby. Today is the first time I felt butterflies in my belly. I had just finished my bath and was drying off when I saw myself in the mirror. I couldn’t help but stare. My body looked just like those pretty girls in my Sugar Daddy‘s magazines only smaller. I sat in front of the mirror on the bathroom counter top and spread my legs. I took my little pussy lips in my fingers and held them open.

It was so pink!! Omg just a pretty little #pussy.

I tried to slide my finger into the tiny hole where my entrance was but there was something covering it.
My hole wasn’t as open as those models.

I am so embarrassed about what I did next… Yikes you will have to call to find out.

Your Naughty Taboo Princess Abby

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Last Saturday night Car Sex


Remember sneaking off to fuck your girl in the backseat of your car? Getting you head while driving? I love public fucking, don’t YOU?

There was the one time that I got caught when I was right out of high school, by the police having sex. OMG! Was all I have to say they, even called my parents. I was in big trouble with them. But the police just gave a warning. Well I have moved past that since I am older now. Haha.

Saturday night is always the night I go out with my girlfriends. We go to a club to go dancing and usually meet a hot guy. Or we go to a club to watch a band. In hopes to have some fun with one of the band members. Last Saturday I was out at a club and there was a HOT, HOT musician. He was in a rock and roll band. It was after the show. I offered him, to go outside and get some fresh air, at my car of course. I gave him a drink from a bottle I had, alcohol of course ( yes, I never drink and drive ) and told him to drink it while I gave him head. By the time he was done drinking, I had my daily dose of protein dripping down my throat. He was buzzed and relieved. He left with a huge smile on his face. Then a bit later in the night I was back out in the car in the backseat with my legs up in the air for him. Had his hard, throbbing cock sliding in and out of my hot, tight pussy. Oh it was so nice. I love that car. That night I also had some fun with his girlfriend as well. ( ok so you did not know I was bi) But that’s another story. *giggles*

Let’s have some naughty phone sex. Call me before that meeting, or take a break from a long drive and call me to squeeze some stress out. Call during the late night hours when I am scheduled to be logged in. Sun-Fri nights 9p-4a pst. During the daytime im here and there. I would love to hear your hard cock banging on the steering wheel. Would you do that for me? I don’t want you to steer with it. *giggles* But I would love to know if you could. Go ahead, pull over, pull out your phone, poke in my number and pull out your cock. What trick can you do with your cock? I’d love to know. Call me for some car cock tricks. *giggle* I can swallow a whole load, while you’re driving, without a losing a drop. If you want I can even share with you.

ext: 10474653
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Shower Sex

shower sex
I simply adore really naughty, hot sex in the shower. I love it in hot tubs, pools, lakes anywhere or anything to do with water. Makes my hot little pussy all hot and wet now thinking of my first shower sex with a much older man. I was young for his married cock but I enjoyed every last wet inch of his big cock.

I have played with different boyfriends and lovers in the shower many times. Kissing, teasing, using the toys that I have on each other. Getting so fucking extremely hot we ache to fuck. I love my toys but much prefer the real thing. Man cock. 100% throbbing, hard, dripping pre cum cock.

I was thinking that it would be amazing if you come by and take a really steamy, naughty shower with me. Just imagine the water dripping down my neck to my perky pink nipples. Sort of trickling over my breasts, caressing them gently. Your mouth waters at the sight and suddenly your lips and tongue take over urgently. You want to feed on me. Ravish me

under the trickling warm water, so sexy. You feel your cock stiffen at the thought of my warm, wet, pussy and how smooth and tight it is. Fingering me now you ache to be inside me. Oh yes my love it truly is that intense. My hot lil body calling to you. My wet, smooth, tight, young lips softly grinding up against you teasing your cock.

I push you down to your knees spreading my dripping wet pink pussy wide open for you. Lick me, my hot, sexy older man. I know it is what you want and what you need. I want you to feel intoxicated by me. I want you to be addicted to me and only me. Feeling your hungry mouth against my swollen clitty only makes me grind harder, faster, using you like a toy. Yes, yes, OH FUCK YES lover keep going. I do want to grind your face right now and feed you my sweet,creamy love juice while I explode in orgasmic bliss.

Are you man enough to have your way with me in this steamy shower? Maybe its me that that will take total control and use this as yet another training session to mold you. Seduce you into becoming my perfect sex slave. You do want to be mine don’t you? 😉

Cum entice & delight all your senses….

Call me now lover!

Princess Abby
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Halloween Treats

A naughty Gangbang on Halloween is not what you would expect from teenage girls trick or treating is it? When I was younger I went trick or treating with all my friends. Well I was going house to house, getting candy, and extra things as well. I was getting a lot of candy!
This Halloween was much more exiting last night. We were out trick or treating once again this yr. We had got alot of candy, and gift cards from guys as we were trick or treating. Can you believe that one Gift Cards.
But we stopped at this one house and this fucker had no candy! So I told him, “Money or Cock, fucker”…

He looked at me kind of confused. I stood there dressed up in my sexy little french maid outfit. All my friends were sexy little hotties as well. A Tiger, a Fairy, and a vampiress. After the shock wore off he told us again that he did not have any candy. I looked back at all my girls and told them, “Girls, he has no candy…you know what that means.” They all smiled and screamed, “Money and some Cock!” We then all pushed ourselves inside his house and started ripping his clothes off.

Then my friend pounced on his cock like a little tiger and started to growl as his cock went in and out of her mouth. She ate that dick like she was a hungry zombie. This guy did not even know how to react. He wanted to push us off but Miss Tiger already had his dick nice and hard, so hard that he couldn’t even resist if he tried.

I do need to state that none of us had panties on. We were fully prepared for our Cock or Money treat night! I told Miss Tiger to keep this guy ‘occupied’ while I went to go look for something sweet. I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. I started maliciously tossing things out of the fridge and on to the floor. I leaned myself back so I could see what was going on in the other room. The Fairy was riding his face, and the vampiress was licking Miss Tiger’s pussy as she rode his cock like a pole.

I found a giant tub of cookies and cream ice cream, so I stuck a few spoons in it and walked back into the other room. I was enjoying my snack as my gangbang of girls went to town on this guy. I started to feed Miss Tiger some ice cream as she continued to fuck him. He finally could not take it anymore and came right inside Miss Tiger. We all laughed as he was out of breath. Now, who’s turn is it next?

He looked at us and told us he does not think he will be able to get his cock hard again. I giggled and pulled out some Viagra from my candy bucket. “Now, did you really think we would come unprepared?” I said. His eyes grew wide and I shoved a few pills in his mouth. “Next time you will make sure to have candy for us, now won’t you? Now swallow you fucker! You are in for a long night!” He nodded and swallowed the pills.

By the time the night was over he was so exhausted that he gave us all a present – He said you Girls are very naughty and here is some Candy. Which was $500 for each of us.
Ah what a nice guy, and a great cock. The best Halloween ever.

I hope you guys had just as much fun as we had. Haha.
Princess Abby