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Sugar Daddy Poker Night

Are you ready for a naughty secret? My Sugar Daddy kinda loves to make me his dirty little slut and I kinda love it! Sugar Daddy loves my hot little, tight body and all the dirty little things I do to him with it. Sugar Daddy surprised me the other day. He told me that he was going to have a poker game and that I was going to be the entertainment for it. I got really turned on and had to fuck my Sugar Daddy right then and there because the thought of being the entertainment to all his friends just made my shaved little pussy so wet!
img-thingSaturday night my Sugar Daddy had me dress in my shortest little school girl skirt with the cutest pink lace panties and little white button up top. Not to mention the white knee high socks, and cute black Mary Jane shoes. As the game started I came down into the living room and sat down on my Sugar Daddy’s lap. His friends can never take their eyes off me normally but tonight they kept staring at my perfect tits popping out of my white top. OK, I had a couple buttons undone to show off a little more. I had them hot and ready in a matter of moments. As I was sitting on Sugar Daddy’s lap, I began to grind my perfect little ass on him, feeling his hard cock pressing into my ass. As Daddy slid his hands up my body, pulling my tight little white blouse up I smiled and asked who wanted to play with me.
Sugar Daddy cupped my tits and told them I was the entertainment for tonight. Tom, my Sugar Daddy’s friend was over in a second sliding me his big, fat, hard cock and I was more than ready for every single inch of it. I had felt Tom’s hard cock many times through his pants but I had never gotten to see it out of his pants. It was so huge that I could only suck that huge fucking cock for so long before I was begging him to fuck me with it.
I think it took Tom seconds to have me on my back, his big, fat cock slamming into my tight little pussy. God, it was so big and felt so good that I couldn’t help but squirt cum all over it. My Sugar Daddy knows me so well and knows how much I need lots of big hard cock and he just loves it too. He had his cock out and stroking it as I took one of his friends in my pussy and one in my ass at the same time. He told me what a good little girl I am as he squirted his load all over my face.
I was so tired on Sunday but boy was it worth it! I can’t wait until my Sugar Daddy has another poker game again!


Princess Abby


Phone Sex Weekend


I feel so terrible. I had a plan to take naughty hot calls today and early evening for Friday. That did not work out as most of you saw I was Missing in Action. This Princess was having a bad day with a migraine. Then spent half the day at the doctors office.  So for all you guys that tried to call me today on Niteflirt. I was away most of the day. But you can all reach me the rest of the weekend. I will be logged into Niteflirt from 4a-4p pst / 7a-7p est.  If you call this weekend during this time and dont see me on, it means im taking a short break and I will be back. You can always send me a email during these times to see when I will be back on.

For all of you that did not read my future schedule here for Niteflirt calls. Here it is for you.

Mon-Sat 4a-4p pst / 7a-7p est. 

I look forward to having some naughty fun with you. Remember I have different listings on niteflirt. So be sure to check them all out. I do all fetishes, taboos, and feminization calls. Even vanilla sex. But I must say I love fetish,taboo, sissy calls better than vanilla sex calls. Also there is of course as you all read My GFE calls. I love those as well. I cater to every niche. I have something to offer everyone.

So lets make this one hell of wild sex weekend. So cum and play with me on one of my listings this weekend.

Hope everyone had a wonderful friday.

Happy jacking off to you all. Lol.

Love Always,

Princess Abby

Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex

I will never forget when I first met him… I had just started taking calls on Niteflirt. I was in a rush to make money for my bills. It was my 3rd night logged on. I remember being so tired and I was about to sign out and go to sleep. It was like 5 am and I saw that I had a email. So I thought I would just reply real quick. Funny I almost missed that email to. So I asked him if he wanted to do paid email chat for a few min. He asked how that works. I said well you send me tribute and we chat over email.

He accepted, sent me a nice tip  on Niteflirt and we began chatting. He explained to me what his life was about and what he was looking for. I listened and I haven’t a clue what I said to him, but it must of been good. After about 5 minutes he said he had to go, but he would call me. I thought hmm hes never going to call and off to bed I went. So how surprised was I when he actually called me later that same day!

After that random email ( that I almost missed) he began calling me on a regular basis. Wow, how did this even happen. I remember wishing for a caller like him to call me regularly and totally spoil me with calls, gifts and whatever else I need or want. Ya, but I never thought it would happen. But it has, so be careful what you wish for cause good things do happen 

Thank you, you know who you are for the last year of calls and for sharing your world with me and so much more…

If your looking for that one on one personal girlfriend experience give me a call, and share your world over the phone exclusively with me… You’ll love it…So call me for some GFE Phone Sex

Love Always

Hugs & Kisses,

Princess Abby

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