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#School Girl Phone Sex

School Girl

I can be so bad, and naughty, can you? Do you have some dirty,taboo thoughts running through your mind? So bad that you have not shared them with anyone? If so then perhaps you need to call your Princess Abby. I may be only 19, but I have always been a naughty girl. Dont let my cute, adorable looks fool you. I am really not that innocent. I was raised as a catholic school girl. I have gone off of that path. I have decided I am going to be bad all the time. But the thing about being a catholic school that was wonderful growing up was. You go to confession and say a few hail marys, and few our fathers and you are forgiven. So I could suck all the cock I wanted. I could fuck my mother best friends husband. All would be forgiven. So as you can see,sense I was forgiven for all those transgressions I can keep doing naughty sex things. I was thinking that since its another year, perhaps I will be a virgin and start all over again. Will come and sin with me? Lets be bad together.

Princess Abby


Sissy bois

nf posting pics for advertising

For all you naughty panty boy sissy’s this is for you. As I do put different subjects on here.

If you want outed for the Sissy that your are. Send me a pic of yourself all dolled up.

Clothes, Makeup the works. If you are lucky you will be selected to be featured in my blog.

This is a special I am having for free. Most of the time I charge $25.00 but if you are selected it is free.  So if your a cocksucker and sissy dont be shy call me on for some naughty feminization phone sex.


Princess Abby

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