Sissy bois

nf posting pics for advertising

For all you naughty panty boy sissy’s this is for you. As I do put different subjects on here.

If you want outed for the Sissy that your are. Send me a pic of yourself all dolled up.

Clothes, Makeup the works. If you are lucky you will be selected to be featured in my blog.

This is a special I am having for free. Most of the time I charge $25.00 but if you are selected it is free.  So if your a cocksucker and sissy dont be shy call me on for some naughty feminization phone sex.


Princess Abby

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2 thoughts on “Sissy bois

  1. Princess Abbey: I have been toying with idea of outing the sissy side. I guess now might be the right time—I hope you like rompers and jog bras. I will consider being your initial Blog Slut of the Month….If you like rompers and jog bras for the pics.
    Sub C


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