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Sugar Daddy Phone Sex

My hot sugar daddy called me again tonight. He loves to have role play phone sex. He loves it when he takes me out in public. Im usually wearing one of my cute little short skirts for him. He likes it when I show off in public and other men look at me. I gets his cock so hard. But today I was walking around the house in my short little skirt once again, with no
When my Sugar Daddy said get your sexiest outfit on we are going out shopping, time to spoil me princess. You can imagine how excited I was. Now what hot teen girl dosent like to go shopping. Hell I love it when a man spoils me and spends his money on little ol me.

Do you want to spoil me and think about how your hard cock would feel in my hot teen pussy? Yes, I thought so most men do. Give me a call and I might tell you a naughty, taboo story or I may just control you. Hmmm lets see. You know what want what you cant have, or can you?

School Girl


Princess Abby

Spoiled Princess Abby


Daddy’s Girl Phone Sex

abby anything thing goes

Have you had the desire for that young voice phone sex with a sweet, teen, little Hottie piece of ass next door?

You know which one I am talking about right? The one with the tight little shorts on, bent over washing her Daddy’s car. The one that loves a older man, that she can call her Sugar Daddy. You know what I mean, wink, wink.

Here I am Daddy, your sweet Princess Abby, you can call me your sugar baby, and I’m everything that you’re looking for. Young, brunette, bare pussy, tight ass, a sweet little smile and ADORABLE voice, but, behind all of that, is a wild, naughty slut craving to make her Older man happy!!

When I was a little girl, I would walk down the streets with my mother, and I noticed every man’s eyes were on me. I would look at them, smile and giggle. My mother would get angry of course, but I didn’t care. I loved how they looked at me, how they would smile, give me candies, and tell me how I was a beautifull little girl. *giggle* I discovered at a very young age how much power I had over men! As I got older, it just got even better. I grew up, but my body stay and tight and young, and I knew I could have so much fun with all the big, older men I was meeting.

So far, it looks like my FAVORITE past time is down, on my knees, gasping for air, face fucking your cock while I giggle and call you Daddy. They always say, “a good girl does what she is told” but, I can’t help but like a little bit of spankings now and then. It’s always so nice when I disobey a little, cause then, daddy gets upset, and makes me lay over his knees. My pussy starts to drip when he pulls down my panties, rubs my round butt with his big hands, and spanks me, telling me I’m his bad little slut. Then, taking me, putting me on my knees, and pushing inside my tiny cunt, while I scream for more, that’s enough to make me cum right now!

So, there you have it, just a little peek into what a good little slut I can be. My goal is to make ALL my  older daddies happy, any way possible. I can be your sweet little girl, your naughty school girl, your neighbor’s daughter, your Sugar Baby, or anything else you desire. All you have to do is give me a call, tell me what a beautiful little girl I am, and I’m all yours!!

Oh yea, don’t forget, I am young, I am sweet, and I’m more than willing to learn new tricks, so, don’t be afraid to teach me, and make me what you want to play with!



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Strap On Sex


My best friends dad is so hot. Omg! I mean, I have always had sex fantasy’s about him. I have always admired how tall his lean body is. Oh and what a tight ass he has as well. Such a flirt he is and a charming man as well. I have wanted to fuck him for so long.

So my perfect opportunity came yesterday afternoon. I went over to her house, and of course she was not home. Well no one answered the door, so I decided I was just going to just walk in. See I have always done this. I walked into the house, did not see anyone. So I walked to the back of the house where the bedrooms were. That is when I walked into my Bff’s daddys room.

I was so shocked at what I saw. He was standing there admiring his self in the mirror. Wearing only a pair of pink lacy pantys. To my surprised he pulled out a dildo from a drawer and started to suck on it. Oh my goodness is what I said out loud. Of course he was shocked and terrified that he had been caught in the act.

I asked him if he needed some help. Then I reached into his draw and found a strap on. I slowly undressed and put it on. I then commanded him to get on his knees and start sucking if like the little slut he was. He obeyed and did as he was told. Funny all this time i wanted to fuck him. I just did not know what I really wanted was to fuck him in has ass.

That is what happened , he got on his hands and knees and I penetrated and fucked him so good and hard. Oh talk about a bitch screaming with pleasure. Now you can be a good slut daddy as well and take it. Or maybe you even want the real thing.

Give me a call and we can play together.
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