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Camping Trip Sex

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My Friends and I are planning a camping trip for this weekend. My pussy is so wet just thinking about it. My nipples won’t stop showing through my bra and shirt. I am just steadily daydreaming about all the wonderful trouble we can find ourselves out there in the wilderness.

I hope that we find some stranger guys to plug up all our  holes and that they spank our asses as well, and I hope they treat my body like it’s a dirty slut-bag cum dumpster. And I want to treat their bodies like I own them, I want to have my way with them in incredible positions and locations. I want to abuse their bodies while forcing them ever closer to a soul-sucking orgasm. I want their dicks so far down my throat that I can’t breathe for having my airway shut off. I want to ride one while the I give the other a hand job and he licks my puss and our brother’s dick as it thrusts in and out of me. I want to watch them suck each other before plunging both their cocks into my ass and turn it into a gaping crater. I hope by the time the weekend is through, my pussy and ass are of little use to anyone for a few days. Yeah, I’m daydreaming. OK then I woke up and realized, what the fuck. Im a Princess. Im not some cum slut whore, and either are my friends. We surely will find some guys this weekend in the wilderness. But they will be little bitches. They will do what we say. I am thinking they are the ones that are going to be the cock sucking cum dumpsters. Image all the cum they will have all over their faces. They will be begging for it.  Haha. Ok guys I am a switch. I can go either way. Call me and lets play.


Princess Abby