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New Black Mail Bitch

Here is my newest blackmail phone sex  bitch. He just loves his Princess Abby.  I love when all my bitches pay their $50 fee to be exposed on my blog and all my social media sites.

See how brave he is. Now you can be exposed just like this little cock sucker.

Dont forget to give me a call on my feminization listing only for these type of calls.



Princess Abby


Phone Sex Exposure


I love it so much when I have a guy call me and wants to be exposed sissy. The best part is when they pay for it. Cause this princess does not do it for free. haha losers!

So let me introduce to you, my newest pay piggy, submissive faggot. His name is David Gordon – 212-941-3776 his email address is –

Feel free to email him, and call him, I think if there are guys out there he would be willing to hook up with you. Of course he is paid cocksucker. All money he makes go directly to me. Make sure to post comment and get a good laugh. Lets humiliate this bitch. If you need to help being a sissy, I can help you, train you. I will push your limits and make you into a proper whore just like david. He loves to go to glory holes. Do you?

If you would like to be exposed be sure to call me on niteflirt on my feminization listing.