The Royal Chambers with Queen Barbara and King David

Here is a wonderful story my special caller wrote for me. It was so hot I just had to share with you guy. Enjoy the read. I know you will be as hot as I was after I read it.

One afternoon, on a lovely fall day, a message arrived at the chambers of Princess Abby.

It was a summons to the royal chambers for that evening.  Abby was directed to not have her usual dinner because a meal would be provided.  The message also directed her to wear the outfit that was in the box holding the message.  “It will fit, I assure you.  An escort will be at your door early in the evening.”  Signed Queen Barbara.

The escort arrived as appointed.  A tall, taller than Princess Abby, handsome young prince with a noticeable budge in his pants.  Was he excited at seeing Princess Abby or maybe this was his normal condition.

“Good evening Princess Abby.  I see you are ready for the evening activities.  I am Prince Michael, your escort to the Queen’s chambers.”  He bowed slightly.

Abby saw a slight smile on his lips.  She hopes it is in appreciation of her appearance tonight.

“Yes, Prince Michael.  Shall we go?”

Taking Princess Abby’s arm the two departed for the Queen’s chambers.

As they walked Princess Abby noticed that on occasion that the handsome prince would glance down her cleavage.  It also seemed that the budge of his sex was growing as they walked.

The more they walked the more aroused Princess Abby became.  There seem to be a part of her dress that was rubbing against her clit.  Every time they climbed a step or stairs it was even more intense.

Furthermore, when Abby would touched Prince Michael with her free hand to steady herself she could feel his well muscled body through his clothes.

They arrived, good thing they did, as Princess Abby was about to jump on the prince and fuck his balls dry.

He knocked and the door opened to reveal the lovely Queen Barbara.

The Queen kissed Princess Abby on her month.  At which a sexual fog engulfed Abby.

“Michael, you may go.”  At which Prince Michael first bowed to Abby and then to the Queen and closed the door.

“He is very handsome isn’t he Abby”

“Yes and he seems very fit.”

“Perhaps you will find out how fit before you depart for home”

All this talk took place as the Queen and Princess Abby walked, arms about each other waist, to a small dining table at which the King stood while three naked servants finished setting the table and placing food.

“My King, I present to you your desire, Princess Abby.  Abby is the Princess you found so fetching at the Mask Ball as if you don’t remember”

“Princess” and Abby curtsied.

As she curtsied, Abby could not but see the large bulge in the kings trousers.  Was this the result of her presence’s or was this normal for the king.  If normal then a wonderful night was ahead for her sex and other parts of her.  Again, Abby’s dress caressed her already erect clit sending wave of sexual heat through her body.  Had the King noticed.

“My King, I am honored to be invited to some private time with you and the Queen.”

“Stand up Princess.  This will be a very personal evening and the servants you see are swore to secrecy under threat of withdrawal of favors,  Therefore, call me David.

“Yes, My K… David”  A word at which first Abby had a little trouble speaking but would not later in the night.  Wondering about a withdrawal of favors.  Indeed what did that mean?

As the sexual fog that engulfed Abby began to clear she began to notice small things about the chamber.  The three servants were two handsome young men and a very curvy young woman with long red hair.  Abby was drawn to all three but particularly the young woman with curves and large tits to accent her torso.

The Queen was wearing a particularly low cut dress that seem to reveal a few of her red pubes.

The Kings shirt was open and reveal a muscular chest with plenty of grey hair.

There were a couple of low couches in the room but not many other furnishings.  Surprising for the royal chambers thought Abby.

Princess Abby was ushered to her seat with a wave of the King’s hand.  One of the handsome male servants seated her as the Queen and King were seated by the other servants.

A light meal was served by the naked three and a light but sexually tinged conversion began.

Abby’s dress continued to press against her clit.  The chair was slightly uncomfortable causing her to move to find a more comfortable position and every time she moved her clit was rubbed or pushed on by the dress.  Her sex was getting very wet.

She felt the toe of the Queen’s naked foot against her shin.  Sometime after being seated the Queen had removed her shoes.

Then on her other leg she could feel the Kings boot.

To return the favor Abby removed her shoes and reached her feet to both the Queen and King.  This continued even as they continued to eat and talk.

Then, both the royals stopped eating and reached an arm under the table.  Quickly there was a hand on each of her knees outside her dress.  Sliding up her thighs the hands soon found that spot in her dress that rubbed her clit.  This nearly drove the Princess sexually mad.

Then they both reached under her dress.  Slowly moving their hands up her thighs to her pubic triangle.  First the Queen touched her clit with her long delicate but strong fingers then the King with his long strong digits.

Abby leaned back in her chair and moaned. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

But more was to come.

Abby was not looking.  Her eyes were closed but she felt the Queen reach her pussy and begin to play there.  Then she stopped.

“No, please keep your fingers in me.  Don’t stop.  Why did you stop?”  However, the Queen’s fingers were replaced the Kings strong fingers.

“Yes, oh yes.”

Then the King stopped moving his fingers only to be joined by the Queen’s.   Soon both the King and Queen were deep in Abby’s pink valley of pleasure.

Abby’s sex gushed.

She relaxed slightly and leveled her head.  She looked at Barbara and caught a smile but her eyes were half closed.  Abby knew one arm was under the table and then realize so was the other and that the Queen must be playing with her sex.  Then looking at the King realize that he must  be stroking his cock.

“I think she is ready my King.”

Abby open her eyes and observed that both of her tormentors were licking her juices off their fingers.

The King pulled back the Queens chair and then did the same for Abby.

As Abby arose her dress rubbed against her erect clit sending a shiver through her sexually heated body.  She turned to see Barbara near one of the sofas.  The Queen motioned to Abby to approach.

“Abby, please remove the clasp.”

Princess Abby took hold of the clasp and pulled.  The Queen’s dress opened and with a shrug of her lovely shoulders it dropped into the grasp of her hands.  She placed it on a nearly chair and took Abby in her arms and kissed her deeply and began to undress her.

Abby was soon naked and relieved of whatever it was that was caressing her clit all evening to be replaced with the Queen’s long fingers.

Abby was not sure if the lovely torment of the Queen’s fingers was any better than that of the dress.  She just relaxed and enjoyed while returning the pleasure as best she could.

“Princess, I want your tongue in my cunt.”

“Yes, my queen.”

Barbara strode to one of the sofas and sat a straddle of it and had Abby kneeled on the sofa between her legs.

“My Queen, you are so wet already.  I want to drink you.  Please let me drink you.”

“Welcomed it will be.”

Abby leaned forward and buried her face in Barbara wet red pubes as the Queen pulled Abby’s hands to  her hard nipples and full tits.

Abby drove her tongue deep into the wet pussy and licked furiously.  Occasionally sucking the engorged clit.  The Queen’s hips began to rapidly move up and down.  She came with a great gush onto Abby’s face and tits.

Abby’s legs swung to either side of the sofa as she fell back against the end.

The Queen leaned forward and gathered her own cum from Abby’s tits and stretching out her long fingers allowed the love juice to drip slowly into the open longing wonton mouth.   Barbara again swept her fingers over Abby’s wet tits and chin.  This time she placed her fingers in Abby’s month and Abby sucked eagerly.

Abby laid back and the Queen slowly lowered her head towards the Princess’s triangle of pleasure.   Slowly press through the pubic nest of long silky hair her eager lips reached for quivering clit of a wonton Abby.  Finding the firm shaking little nub at last she drew on it with her lips.  This sent a great wave of desire deep into Abby’s sexual heart.  Then taking the little penis lightly in her teeth the horny Queen pulled again and again on the little penis sending wave after wave of nearly uncontrollable human animal longing deep into Abby’s sexual center.  These waves were even more that those sent with her lips.

While Barbara was nearly abusing Abby’s clit she also had the fingers of one hand pinching the nipple of one breast while the other hand was at Abby’s pink slit playing with the lips.

This combination of actions was slowly driving the Princess to the edge of sexual desire.  a little more and she would fall over that edge into sexual oblivion when the Queen stopped.

Abby slowly pulled herself back from that edge when the Queen drove her tongue into her pussy.   That did it.  Abby went over that edge into an uncontrolled state of ecstasy.

Her mind jumped from the King to Michael, to the naked female servant, to the nude male servants, to Sir David, to Princess Annie and to all her other lovers.

She came.

Her hips bucked wildly.  She thrust them harder and harder against the Queen’s red month.  She wanted more and more of that beautiful tongue.  The feel of the lips of the red month on her pink pussy lips now nearly as red as the Queen’s mouth.

She gushed into the open mouth of the Barbara, over her tongue, down that royal chin onto those full breasts with those rosy nipples.

The Queen pulled away and laid back against the sofa while Abby cleared the fog from her mind and sexual heart.

Barbara slid her fingers up her chest, laid her head back and allowed Abby’s juice to drip off her fingers onto her lips and into her month.

Abby leaned into the Queen and slid several fingers through her own juice and slid the cum covered fingers into the open eager lips the queen was offering.  Barbara sucked like a calf feeding from its mother.  Abby repeated until most of her cum was wiped from the Queen’s tits and chin.

Their sofa was very wet from their mingled juices so they went to another.

Then the Princess saw the King being serviced by the naked female servant.

David was seated on a chair.  The servant was bent over in front of him with her hands on his thighs.  Her long red hair was hanging to one side as her head bobbed up and down as she sucked on the kings cock.  The King was caressing her large breasts and pinching her nipples.  On occasion he would insert a finger or two into her pussy.  What most intrigued Abby was the servant’s lovely asshole.  Did I fail to mentioned that the servant was facing away from the Queen and Abby while the King was being serviced.

Barbara and Abby were seated on a sofa not far from where David was enjoying being sucked by the naked female servant.  Their legs were open to each other and they played with each other’s wet pussy and hard clits as the watch the king and servant.

“Don’t worry Abby, she is only getting him ready for you.  It is almost time for you to mount that wonderful organ.  I tell you it is wonderful as I have ridden it many times.”

Suddenly the servant stopped her sucking and left the room revealing to both the Queen and Princess an erect, large, wet and pulsing organ of pleasure.

The Queen arose and took Princess Abby’s hand and walked her to where the King was seated.

“My King, may I present the Princess Abby for your pleasure.  I am sure you will both enjoy each other.  Abby, please take a seat on David thighs and put your wet sex up against David’s balls.”

There were two small footstools on either side of the chair allowing Abby to straddle the King’s thighs as she positioned her sex against the King.

So hard and so long was David’s cock that the sexual fog returned as Abby slowly slid her pussy up and down the shaft and against his balls.  The Queen was behind the King caressing his shoulders and chest with its fine gray hair.

After what seem like hours in her fog Abby could no longer control her need and had to have David’s cock deep in her pussy.

“David, I need you and I need you now.  Please fuck me please.”

“First, give me a few sucks with you lovely red lips before I slide between your pink ones.”

Abby stood on the floor in the same way as the female servant had and began to suck.  The King played with her tits, nipples and pussy while Abby serviced him.

“Please, oh please I need you.”

“Yes, you may now.”

Putting one foot on each stool she straddled the king’s cock and slowly lowered herself on to the wet organ.

All this the queen observed and smiled.

Slowly the head entered her.  Then the long shaft.  She could not take it all at once so she raised herself up a little and began to take more of his cock.  Slowly she soon had it all deep in her.  She began to ride the magnificent organ.

“It is everything I expected and more.”

“Didn’t I tell you that it is a wonderful cock.”

Barely aware of the Queen’s words through her sexual fog.  “Yes, oh yes it is beautiful and hot and everything you suggested.   More, more I just want more.”

Riding the cock with her hands on the King’s shoulders for balance with the Queen holding them against his body her pussy went up and down on the organ.  They played with her tits and nipples.  He kissed her when her month was not open in praise of the ride or the Queen’s red lips were not on hers.

Both the riders began to bounce wildly.  Abby could feel the King’s cock swell even more and knew that he was ready as she was to explode.

“Now” and both exploded in wave after wave of cum.  It seem like it would not stop.  But it did and when the king’s cock softened she disengaged and sat on a chair the Queen had pulled to beside the King.

But, her fide was not complete for as soon as she sat down the Queen drove her mouth into Abby’s cum filled pussy and began to eat.


The Queen, with a practiced tongue drove Abby back into her fog as she licked the combined cum.  While the queen expertly licked Abby’s pleasure slit Abby would play with her own tits and erect nipples.  Occasionally she would take a mouth full and pulling Abby’s head back drip it into her open mouth.  It was during these times that Abby would play with the Queen’s breasts and nipples.  Soon the Queen was finished with the Princess and turned to the King.  Abby, now totally drained of her cum and fog let her arms fall to her sides while the Queen attended to the soft King.

As Abby watched the Queen and King she aroused herself again by playing with her pussy, breasts and nipples.

The Queen’s attention to his cock soon had King David hard again.  She didn’t take time rubbing her pussy on the balls or up and down the cock.  She took her place on the foot stools to straddle the king and in one motion took the entire length of the magnificent organ into her sex.

Soon both were moving in unionism.  As the Queen went down the King would rise up.  From Abby’s seat she could see every movement.  She became more and more aroused.

The Queen looked back over her shoulder and Abby knew she was invited to join the couple.  She walked to the couple while sliding a finger between her wet pussy lips sending a shiver through her body.  As she reached the Queen Abby reached out and slid her wet finger between the lovely ass cheeks of the Queen and then poked the Queen’s anus with her stiff digit.  The Queen did not stop.

Soon Abby was behind the King with her hands on top of the Queen’s.  She reached out with one hand to pinch the nipple of first one breast then the other.  Meanwhile the King was sucking on the fingers of her other hand.  This continued for some time.   Then the Queen leaned into Abby and sucked her nipples causing Abby to arch her back and squirt cum down her legs.

It wasn’t long after Abby’s orgasm and with the room filled with the aroma of sex that both the King and Queen erupted with room shaking orgasms.

The Queen dismounted from the Kings now softening cock and took Abby’s hand.  Leading her to a sofa opposite the King she bid Abby to sit beside her.

Their legs overlapped and spread wide they began to touch and play with each other.

While they played the Princess noticed that naked young woman servant was now bent over the King and was cleaning his dick.  Something Abby would have gladly done.   At first the servant used her fingers and hands to remove the merged juices and sucked her fingers clean.  Then she began to use her lovely mouth to lick the shaft and balls of the King.  The royal cock was returning to life.

While the King David was being cleaned and revived Princess Abby and Queen Barbara had been touching, kissing and fingering each other.

The Queen had driven her fingers deep in her wet pussy and brought out a glob of merged juices and she offered to Abby.  Taking the Queens fingers deeply in her eager mouth she sucked them cleaned.  Oh such a wonderful taste.  All this time the Queen was watching her and when Abby had cleaned her fingers she took the Princess’s hand and guided it to her eager royal pussy.

Abby slid her fingers deep into the Queen and gathered several fingers full of juice and upon removal offered them to the Queen’s open red mouth.  The Queen’s lips soon had all of the juice off of the Princess’s fingers.

All this was going on while the King was being taken care of my the naked servant girl.  The next thing Abby remembers seeing was the King in front of them with his now hard cock pointed at Abby and the Queen.  Before either Abby or the Queen could reach for the hardness before them the King was on his knees and had his fingers in their pussies going in and out.  Slowly at first then quicker and deeper.

While the Kings was providing their pussies with arousing strokes the Queen and Abby played with their tits and pinched each other’s nipples.  They kissed and sucked the others nipples.

The Kings strokes with his fingers were getting more frantic.

Abby glanced down between her thighs and realized that the King now had four fingers in her eager slit.  While she watched the King inserted his thumb.  Then with a slow push he had his fist in her.  She had never had a hand in her pussy before.  Not even her own.  He was pushing it deeper.  It was like and enormous cock.  It felt so good.  She could feel a wave of cum building in her expanded pussy.  She didn’t want him to stop but she had to cum so badly.

“My King, don’t stop oh please don’t stop.   Please my King fuck me with your fist.  Oh, Oh I am cumming.”

Abby arched her back and exploded with a stream of cum that seemed to push the King’s fist from her valley of love.

Soon thereafter Queen Barbara came.

Now the King David offered his hard organ to the mouths of his partners.  Taking turns sometimes and sometimes they both had they wanton mouths on the King’s cock.  Soon they had him exploding on their faces and chests.

All three fell back in a temporary sexual exhaustion.

The servants appeared and brought them drinks and light refreshments.  Then they began to clean the three.  First with their fingers and hands then with their young tongues.  The servants soon had them clean and dry and ready to play again.

Princess Abby was eager to continue with the King and Queen and was seeing on her closed eyelids what could be next.

However, when she open her eyes, before her stood the young woman with red hair holding her dress.

Queen Barbara spoke.

“I know you want to stay but the king and I have royal duties to perform so you must depart before the sun gets much higher.”

Margret will help you dress and then escort you to your chambers along with Prince Michael.”

Princess Abby was soon wearing that dress again that rubbed her clit and with one arm on  Michael’s and other on Margret she left the royal chambers.  Margret had slipped on a low cut dress so as not to be naked as they transverse the steps to Princess Abby’s rooms. She hoped that one night she would return for another night of royal pleasure.  At last that was not to be but that is another story.

Soon the trio were in the halls and secret passages of the palace.  Again with every step the dress rubbed on Abby’s clit making her even more excited with every second.  Abby saw a growing bulge in Michael’s pants and a flush of arousal in the pale skin of the red headed woman on the other side.

Arriving at Abby’s chambers the trio were soon naked and engaged in an intense three some that lasted well into the morning with much exploring of each other.  Another tale to be written of later.

Not long after the night in the royal chambers Princess Abby was called home to attend to the duties of the Princess in waiting of her home kingdom never to return to Queen Barbara palace.