Phone Sex Weekend


I feel so terrible. I had a plan to take naughty hot calls today and early evening for Friday. That did not work out as most of you saw I was Missing in Action. This Princess was having a bad day with a migraine. Then spent half the day at the doctors office.  So for all you guys that tried to call me today on Niteflirt. I was away most of the day. But you can all reach me the rest of the weekend. I will be logged into Niteflirt from 4a-4p pst / 7a-7p est.  If you call this weekend during this time and dont see me on, it means im taking a short break and I will be back. You can always send me a email during these times to see when I will be back on.

For all of you that did not read my future schedule here for Niteflirt calls. Here it is for you.

Mon-Sat 4a-4p pst / 7a-7p est. 

I look forward to having some naughty fun with you. Remember I have different listings on niteflirt. So be sure to check them all out. I do all fetishes, taboos, and feminization calls. Even vanilla sex. But I must say I love fetish,taboo, sissy calls better than vanilla sex calls. Also there is of course as you all read My GFE calls. I love those as well. I cater to every niche. I have something to offer everyone.

So lets make this one hell of wild sex weekend. So cum and play with me on one of my listings this weekend.

Hope everyone had a wonderful friday.

Happy jacking off to you all. Lol.

Love Always,

Princess Abby


Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

One of my favorite things to do of all time, as a teen phone sex girl, is getting off with you during mutual masturbation phone sex! There is something about hearing you moan for me as I  tell you how to stroke your cock for me! I love knowing that I’ve got your cock so hard, and to know that you are stroking it just for me! To think that I am the one that made it that way. That is what gets me really wet, and hot.

I have a large collection of sex toys and we can play with any one of them or all of them! You can help me pick out some really good ones and tell me exactly what we are going to do with them. Our mutual masturbation phone sex can turn into guided masturbation phone sex really quickly. I’ll tell you how to stroke, faster and slower, maybe some teasing too. I’ll make you take your hand off your cock and onlytease that throbbing cock head for a few minutes. I know you love it but you are dying to jerk that cock for me again aren’t you? So go ahead naughty boy, grip it tight and thrust that hard cock in and out of your hand. You can tell me how to use that sex toy on my juicy, wet pussy and exactly how fast or slow to go too!


Our mutual masturbation can be mixed with whatever naughty fantasies or fetishes you might have. A sexy role play could be hot, or maybe some domination while we both play! One thing is for sure, I love when you tell me exactly what you want. I want you to tell me how much you want me. How much you crave my sweet little pussy. I want you to make me feel it as we tease each other until it builds and builds and we are both begging for the ultimate release. Then we cum together in the most intense orgasm we’ve ever had!

Call me now for mutual masturbation phone sex and you’ll cum harder than ever before!