Last Saturday night Car Sex


Remember sneaking off to fuck your girl in the backseat of your car? Getting you head while driving? I love public fucking, don’t YOU?

There was the one time that I got caught when I was right out of high school, by the police having sex. OMG! Was all I have to say they, even called my parents. I was in big trouble with them. But the police just gave a warning. Well I have moved past that since I am older now. Haha.

Saturday night is always the night I go out with my girlfriends. We go to a club to go dancing and usually meet a hot guy. Or we go to a club to watch a band. In hopes to have some fun with one of the band members. Last Saturday I was out at a club and there was a HOT, HOT musician. He was in a rock and roll band. It was after the show. I offered him, to go outside and get some fresh air, at my car of course. I gave him a drink from a bottle I had, alcohol of course ( yes, I never drink and drive ) and told him to drink it while I gave him head. By the time he was done drinking, I had my daily dose of protein dripping down my throat. He was buzzed and relieved. He left with a huge smile on his face. Then a bit later in the night I was back out in the car in the backseat with my legs up in the air for him. Had his hard, throbbing cock sliding in and out of my hot, tight pussy. Oh it was so nice. I love that car. That night I also had some fun with his girlfriend as well. ( ok so you did not know I was bi) But that’s another story. *giggles*

Let’s have some naughty phone sex. Call me before that meeting, or take a break from a long drive and call me to squeeze some stress out. Call during the late night hours when I am scheduled to be logged in. Sun-Fri nights 9p-4a pst. During the daytime im here and there. I would love to hear your hard cock banging on the steering wheel. Would you do that for me? I don’t want you to steer with it. *giggles* But I would love to know if you could. Go ahead, pull over, pull out your phone, poke in my number and pull out your cock. What trick can you do with your cock? I’d love to know. Call me for some car cock tricks. *giggle* I can swallow a whole load, while you’re driving, without a losing a drop. If you want I can even share with you.

ext: 10474653
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