Santa’s Naughty List

xmas pic

I want to be a good little teen girl and please Santa.
I do not want to upset him and end up on his Naughty List.

As a little Girl my Daddy would threaten “BE A GOOD GIRL OR SANTA WILL PUT YOU ON HIS NAUGHTY LIST”
This would always make behave and be on my best behavior! No little girl wants coal in her stocking!
I would try and be on my best behavior from Thanksgiving until Christmas. Knowing that my Santa was watching all kids and knew everything they were  doing, Good or Bad!!!

Now I think yes it is very good to be on Santa’s Good list!  I love the presents that I get.
But there is something in me that thinks hmmm What if I was on his Naughty list!
I picture this Sexy man in his Red suit Coming up to me on my knees. I am  Dressed in Pink thigh highs with red and pink bows , a little red and pink baby doll nightie, with red and pink sheer thong panties.
Santa Tells me “Abby you have been a very naughty girl! You must pay the your mistakes!”
Santa then pulls down his pants and pulls out his Santa cock.
It is so big I instantly go to grab for it but he smacks my hand away with his white gloved hand!

Santa  then tells me open your mouth and suck my Santa Cock!  I start to suck and it grows longer and harder! “This is why you are  on my naughty list!
You are such a naughty little cocksucker!  Bend over you naughty little Princess!
He then comes up behind me and slides my wet thong down my thighs and tells me to leave it around my ankles.  I do as Santa says!  My body is tingling, my pussy is throbbing in hopes of that long hard Santa cock sliding up inside me!

Santa Stands behind me and says I am going to have to spank you. Cause this is what all naughty girls get for all the bad sex things you have done all year long!
He proceeds to smack my ass over and over!
I feel his white gloved hand making my ass cheeks hurt a bit.
Santa then comes closer and I feel his hot breath is smells like gingerbread on my neck!
He grabs me by the hips and rams his big hard Santa Cock up inside of me.

You thing for sure you can bet, that I squirted cum all over Santa’s cock.

So as you can see I have been a bad girl this yr. So Santa Please give me a call.

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Merry Christmas