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The Masked Ball

The Masked Ball Here is a story shared by my caller
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The Masked Ball

It was the evening of the annual masked ball at the Palace of Queen Barbara.

Earlier in the day a servant had brought a set of instructions and a selection of masks to the

chambers of Princess Abby.

She was to select a mask. She was also required to wear the mask and a gown that could be

easily removed and a minimal amount of underwear. The mask was to be worn throughout the

evening including the walk to the ball room.

Princess Abby departed her chambers near the appointed time and made her way to the ball

room. As she walk the palace halls she encounter many other princess and princes also going to

the ball.

She began to look for Sir David in the hope of engaging with him again. It had been much to

long from their last encounter and she wanted to feel that his sex in her again.

As she traveled she thought she recognized several of the princesses and princes but was not

sure with the masks and manner of dress for the evening.

She arrived at the doors of the ball room. Two servants wearing only masks were acting as door

persons. One young lady and one young man.

She scanned the gathering. Princesses with low cut gowns barely covering breasts with erect

nipples pushing out on sheer modesty panels. Some gowns barely hid round asses. The bulge in

the tight trousers of some gave Princess Abby a tingle in her slit in anticipation. Then she

noticed the noses on the masks that some of the princes were sporting. They had the shape of

an erect member. Some pointed up and others pointed down. As she approached two princes

that she thought she knew they reached up and rotated the protrusions. What, they move?

Interesting times ahead.

Then the doors were opened. For some reason the servants had not opened the doors all the

way. This forced the princesses and princes close together as they passed through the opening.

Feeling the heat from the mind sexed bodies made Princess Abby even more aroused.

Walking through the restricted opening as her eyes adjusted to the dimness Princess Abby saw

tables set for dining. She saw more naked servants. The male servants were already erect

either fully or partly and the pubic hair of the female servants glistened as if wet with their own

juices or maybe that of others.

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The tables seem closer that for other events the Abby had attended in the same hall. This made

the quests and servants into close proximity as they took their seats.

Queen Barbara was on the dais with her handsome king. Both had masks and clothing that

hinted at the flesh and organs beyond. Also on the dais were the sirs, ladies and retainers of the

court. All dressed in the same manner as the guests and royals.

The Queen arose as did everyone else. Princess Abby notice that the Queen was now wearing a

deeply cut gown . Abby also noted that the sirs and ladies were all wearing something to go

along with the spirit of the evening. Even the retainers were well and appropriately dressed.

Even though some of the members of the royal group were older their outfits covered, for now,

other assets like large bulges, trim bodily form, large breasts or hour glass figures t be revealed

later Abby began to hope.

“Welcome, I greet you with anticipation of much pleasure. For those of you that have not

previously attended we will first have a light dinner that will be served. Refreshments will be at

the sides of the hall throughout the night and you are too take what you need to keep your

energy at a nice sexual level. You are to help yourself because once we begin our activity the

servants will be participating as well. Note the dress of the people on the dais. They will also be

joining the fun. Now enjoy your dinner”

All sat down and the mask wearing servants began to deliver food and drinks.

Princess Abby looked around the hall as she consumed her dinner. Looking for Sir David but also

noting any persons in the hall that appeared to be likely partners.

There were ladies with long hair of various colors from red, like the queen, to the silver. Silver

was the color of some the older male servants and retainers. Even though some of the people in

the room had some sag they all carried themselves proudly. There were smiles everywhere.

At Princess Abby’s own table there were princes and princesses slightly younger and slightly

older than herself. All were handsome or pretty but one could not be sure with the masks.

When the servants served a plate or glass they would brush against the quests. Sometimes it

was an arm or hip. Other times it was more explicit like a erect cock or hard nipple. There was

covert messages being sent under the tables. A hand or thigh was brushed against Princess

Abby’s thigh or hip and she reply with a corresponding touch.

Soon, it seemed like no time at all, the queen arose from her table. At the same time the others

on the dais, with the help of the servants, began to remove the tables and chairs. The tables

went to the sides of the hall and the chairs were placed in a circle in front of the dais.

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The Queen spoke. “Please stop eating. It is time for the fun to begin. Please help the staff

move the dining tables and chairs to the side of the room. Would some the guests help the staff

bring in the furnishings from the other room. Just behave yourself when you are doing the

moving. I know by now, as I am, you are ready to pursue carnal pleasure but please be patient.

While the others are helping those are not busy remove your clothes. Remember to keep on

your masks.”

While all this moving was going on Abby removed her gown. She then took notice the trueness

of the bodies around her. Full round breasts, round asses, erect cocks, hard nipples, glistening

pubic hair, and firm torsos as some small pert tits. She also caught admiring glances from the

other princesses and princes. Taking sexual mental notes for later.

Again the queen. “Please gather around. You see before you a circle of chairs. You may

remember from your recent children hood a game of musical chairs. Well we at the palace play

a different version. The members of the court will now move among you and select the


The players were soon selected. Abby was not picked. However, she thought it would be more

fun to watch. After all she had wonderful naked bodies all around her and not just a few at

arm’s reach.

Speaking again as she slowly walked around the circle of chairs, the queen listed the rules.

“There will be two circles. One for the princes and the other of the princesses. They will walk

slowly in opposite direction until the music stops. At that time one will take the chair and the

person not being able to get a chair will sexually engage the seated person. By engagement

allow me to demonstrate.”

What, the queen was going to fuck for the crowd. Abby’s eyes were wide open as she watched

the handsome king take one of the chairs and place it a little distance in front of the circle. The

queen turned to face him and straddled his legs. Reaching between her shapely legs she

position the head of his engorged cock at the opening of her pussy. In one quick movement she

had his cock in her sex. after a couple of strokes she removed herself and turned around and

plunged down on his cock again for a few strokes. You could see the queen’s wonderful breasts

and erect nipples. She raised herself off the king’s lap and turned around and bent over. She

took the moist member in her hand and guided the head past her full moist lips into her mouth

and began to suck hard. The kings reached around her and grasp the cheeks of her ass and

pulled them apart. There was the anus of the queen for all to see. Many in the crowd gasped.

Seconds later it was over and the queen spoke.

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“I think the players now understand what is expected. Make two circles please and we will

begin. While the players are busy please circulate amount yourselves. Remember touching

only, no coupling until I give the word. Music please.”

The players began to circle. Weaving the inner and outer circles so some times the princes were

inside and sometimes the princesses on the inside. The crowd also began to move among

themselves touching and occasionally looking at the game when the music stopped.

Princess Abby move about the crowd. Touching the head of a cock here and an erect nipple

there. When the music stopped she glanced at the circle to watch. Even during those times

people in the crowd would touch her tits or butt. Making her more excited at each touch. Then

the music began again and Abby moved again. Grasping the shaft of a erect member then the

cheek of a lovely princess ass. Becoming more arose at each touch or grasp. Even just watching

the circle and the fucking there got Abby more excited. She could hardly control herself. She so

wanted the music to stop so they could all find a partner or partners and fuck. Princess Abby

stopped one young princess, at least she thought it was a princess and brushed the wet inside of

her thighs and took a taste.

While making her walk among the crowd Abby noticed that a number of benches, tables and

curving divans along with many soft rugs and pillows had been moved into the room.

She kept moving and looking for Sir David but did not see him anywhere. During one of her

circles through the crowd she was stopped in her tracks by the appearance of a sir and lady in

front of her. They had their arms about each other waist. But it was the beauty of their bodies

that made her gasp. The sir had a fully erect cock of such girth she did not even ask if it was

okay to take it in her hand she just did so. It was so warm and pulsing. Oh, how she wish the

music would stop and queen would give the word. With her other hand Abby reached for the

lady’s breast and felt it’s fullness in her hand. She pinched the nipple and the lady smiled.

However, the music did not stopped and Princess Abby had to move on. She was determined to

find them later if at all possible.

Princess Abby was again partway through the crowd around the circle of chairs when the music

stopped. She hoped it was the end of the game because at the time she had in her hand the

wonderful organ of a handsome prince with a nice smile and muscular chest. Not letting go of

his cock she turned her head to look at the queen.

“The game is over. Have fun”

Leading the young prince by his dick she found the nearest table and pushed him down on its

top, bent over and began to suck his cock. She needed to get it very wet even though her own

juices were flowing freely.

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Picture Abby with her mouth around this penis her lips tightly holding it while she sucked hard.

Princess Abby was thinking oh this night will be wonderful. She would occasionally stop sucking

to rub her tits on the beautiful cock then return to suck. She so needed this cock in her pussy

and was about to mount him and drive him out of his mind when she felt two rough hands on

her round ass.

They spread her cheeks as if taking a look at her asshole. Then one hand was between her legs

slowly up one thigh across her pussy and down the other thigh. The suddenly two rough fingers

were in her wet pussy moving in and out. Then out. Through her aroused senses she heard him

sucking his fingers.


Now there was a huge erect cock between her spread legs. It was large enough to touch both

thighs at once. Slowly at first he began to stroke up and down the fullness of her slit lips. The

strokes became shorter and then Abby realize that this rough man was making very short

strokes on her erect clit that had emerged from its hood. It felt so good to have that little ridge

at the bottom of the cock head. Abby pulled her mouth of the cock on the table.

“Don’t stop. Oh please don’t stop.” She returned to the cock on the table.

Then the strokes of that magnificent cock stopped.

“No please, fuck me.” Then she felt the head of his cock at the lips of her wet pussy. She felt

him push, at first slowly, then it was in her. His sex was so large but her pussy welcomed it.

“Yes, yes oh fuck me.” She turned her attention, as much as she could, back to the cock on the

table while at the same time enjoying having such a dick in her pussy.

The pace of the man in her pussy and she knew he was near. Princess Abby was also near to a

massive squirt.

Then it happened. He filled her with so much cum and she squirt so much herself that she

thought she had pushed his cock out.

Then he was gone. She tried to get a look at him but was not quick enough.

She wanted more cock in her pussy and she had one in her hand. Moving him back a little on

the table she climbed on top and fucked his mind out.

Abby rolled off and took a breath. She rolled to her side and again the cock that she had just

fucked was gone. She started to reach for a towel to wipe some juice off. Then she felt soft

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hands on her knees pushing them apart. She look through the holes in her mask as best she

could. They beheld a beautiful older face with full red lips.

“May I.”

“Yes, you are most welcome”

In an instant those full lips were sucking her clit and eating her pussy. Drinking all the juices

from Abby’s slit. Occasionally the woman would push real hard against Abby. Abby managed

to see beyond the table and her current lover to see that there was a prince with his head

between her legs eating her and at the same time playing with her mature asshole.

With and arching back and moan Abby came in the lady’s mouth. This time Abby was able to

get a look at the lady. Such a wonderful body she had. Full hips and breast that she playing

with as the young prince ate her and played with asshole. Not able to stand his tongue and

fingers anymore she moaned to him.

“Get on your feet and fuck my pussy”

Princess Abby got off the table and made her way to the tables with refreshments. She needed

something to give her more energy. On her way she saw the queen bent over and braced on a

table with a prince at her ass. He was not in her pussy but her asshole stroking in and out at a

rapid pace. The queen long red hair was wet. Her tits swung in rhythm with the strokes of her

lover. Her back arched and those lovely eyes that Abby knew rolled back in her head as they

both came. Before unloading all his cum the prince pulled out and dump some juice on the

queen’s ass cheeks and back.

As she approached the tables there was a tall naked lady, except for her mask, with a long red

braid down her back almost to her asshole.

Abby touched one of her round ass cheeks with her hand sliding to the curve of her hip.

The lady turned and smiled then turned back to the cock shaped éclair that her long tongue was

taking the cream from the pastry cock.

Princess Abby selected a few pieces of meat, an éclair and sparkling water. The aroma of sex in

the hall was already making her drunk. She rested and ate at the same time scanning the room

in its dimness. Still looking for Sir David but failing to find him she wanted another cock or

maybe a pussy to eat.

Then the Queen sat down next to her.

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The Queen’s skin glistened. Her hair was still damped and her pubic hair was wet with any

combination of juices.

“He is not here. Annie had an issue and I had to send him on a quick trip to help. I know he

wanted to be here. He really enjoys these events and is sought out by many of the ladies. I also,

know that you have not had him since that night and you are dreaming of him on many nights

to put yourself to sleep.”

“Yes my Queen I have been looking for him. I guess I will have fine another lover or lovers like

that young prince that fucked you so well. I have heard of anal but not done it myself.”

“He has a special talent for fucking ladies and princesses in the ass. He is gentle, takes it slow

with ladies new to the position. He has a long but narrow cock. Shall we try to find him?”

Princess Abby sawolled with the thought of the Queen helping her find a sex partner tonight.


“There he is.”

The Queen motion the young prince to them.

His cock seem to get harder the nearer he came to them. The Queen and Princess Abby got up

and the Queen put her arm around her recent lover and Abby’s next lover. She whispered

something that Abby could not hear but the prince looked at Abby and nodded. The Queen

directed the trio to one of those curved divans and had Abby stralled the seat.

The prince offered his hardening cock to Abby’s mouth while the Queen played with Abby’s tits

and hard nipples at the same time fingering her pussy. Their gathered a small crowd to watch

the Queen and her lovers.

Soon the Queen knew that Abby was close to being ready to accept the long narrow cock in her


“Abby, get up and bend over the end of the divan and hang on.”

The prince took a position Abby and the Queen was at her side.

The prince began to run his long cock against her pussy while the Queen wetted her own fingers

and slowly inserted them in Abby’s ass. First one finger then two stopping to lube them with her

mouth or her own pussy juices. Soon it was three. All this time the prince continued to stroke

against Abby’s pussy with the long narrow.

“I think she is ready.”

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The prince stopped and with help of the Queen and more pussy juice from Abby this slowly

pushed his cock past her anus. He began stroking Princess Abby’s virgin asshole. While Abby

had a cock in her asshole the Queen was fingering her pussy and playing with Abby’s tits.

Never before had Abby had such a feeling. Both her holes being fucked at the same time. On

occasion the queen would take some pussy juice from her own pussy and offer it to Abby on her

fingers. While still finger fucking Abby.

“She getting close. Fuck her harder. Here she cums. Her juices are flowing. Fuck her. Cum in

her ass. Do it now. Cum for your queen and Abby.”

The prince arched his back. His eyes rolled back in his head and he shoot a big load in Abby’s no

longer virgin asshole.

Abby’s asshole was hot, wet and excited. Her pussy was still flowing and queen was beneath

her drinking as much as possible. Abby soon fell over the end of the divan completely emptied

of sexual energy for a time. She thought she heard mild applause but was so in her own sexual

space that she could not be certain. She stretched out on the divan and relaxed. The Queen

leaned over her flushed face and kissed her fully.

“You did well for the first time. Now rest while I find another experience for you.”

In Abby’s sexually fogged mind thoughts of what she meant wandered blindly in the sexual fog

bouncing off of each other slowly coming together as coherent sexual thoughts. The coming

together of these sexual thoughts aroused her sexual energy and she began to look forward to

her next lover.

While she waited with her eyes closed to the outside world someone tapped her shoulder.

Opening her eyes she saw a plate of food and a drink on a small tray. Was this the queen’s

doing or someone else. There was also a couple of towels to wipe herself. Someone had wiped

down the divan. While taking the refreshments and drying herself she studied the divan. The

curves and heights seem to be made for sex. Oh, this was a sex couch. She had heard of them

but before tonight not seen one. Now she had used it and apparently was about to use it again

as the queen approached with two persons wearing those masks that had and erect penis as a

nose. One person was a woman and the other a prince.

The queen soon had all three positioned and fully engaged in, what was for Abby a new sexual

adventure. One of many so far tonight.

Princess Abby continued to fuck, suck, eat pussy and have the favor returned for most of the

evening. Even with multiple stops for refreshments her sexual drive was nearly drained.

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She saw that others were leaving and decided it was her time. She found Queen Barbara and

thanked her. Kissed her a parted their ways for a evening with a smile on both faces.

She retrieved her gown and did not even redress herself. Who cared most of the household had

seen her naked.

As she passed through the now open doors she felt arms go around her waist. She raised her

tired head and looked right then left. It was the beautiful couple she had touched briefly earlier

in the night. There was still a bounce in their steps as they turned Princess Abby away from her

chambers towards theirs. Abby’s energy started to raise and a bounce entered her step.

The night was not over

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