Phone Sex Weekend


I feel so terrible. I had a plan to take naughty hot calls today and early evening for Friday. That did not work out as most of you saw I was Missing in Action. This Princess was having a bad day with a migraine. Then spent half the day at the doctors office.  So for all you guys that tried to call me today on Niteflirt. I was away most of the day. But you can all reach me the rest of the weekend. I will be logged into Niteflirt from 4a-4p pst / 7a-7p est.  If you call this weekend during this time and dont see me on, it means im taking a short break and I will be back. You can always send me a email during these times to see when I will be back on.

For all of you that did not read my future schedule here for Niteflirt calls. Here it is for you.

Mon-Sat 4a-4p pst / 7a-7p est. 

I look forward to having some naughty fun with you. Remember I have different listings on niteflirt. So be sure to check them all out. I do all fetishes, taboos, and feminization calls. Even vanilla sex. But I must say I love fetish,taboo, sissy calls better than vanilla sex calls. Also there is of course as you all read My GFE calls. I love those as well. I cater to every niche. I have something to offer everyone.

So lets make this one hell of wild sex weekend. So cum and play with me on one of my listings this weekend.

Hope everyone had a wonderful friday.

Happy jacking off to you all. Lol.

Love Always,

Princess Abby


Shower Sex

shower sex
I simply adore really naughty, hot sex in the shower. I love it in hot tubs, pools, lakes anywhere or anything to do with water. Makes my hot little pussy all hot and wet now thinking of my first shower sex with a much older man. I was young for his married cock but I enjoyed every last wet inch of his big cock.

I have played with different boyfriends and lovers in the shower many times. Kissing, teasing, using the toys that I have on each other. Getting so fucking extremely hot we ache to fuck. I love my toys but much prefer the real thing. Man cock. 100% throbbing, hard, dripping pre cum cock.

I was thinking that it would be amazing if you come by and take a really steamy, naughty shower with me. Just imagine the water dripping down my neck to my perky pink nipples. Sort of trickling over my breasts, caressing them gently. Your mouth waters at the sight and suddenly your lips and tongue take over urgently. You want to feed on me. Ravish me

under the trickling warm water, so sexy. You feel your cock stiffen at the thought of my warm, wet, pussy and how smooth and tight it is. Fingering me now you ache to be inside me. Oh yes my love it truly is that intense. My hot lil body calling to you. My wet, smooth, tight, young lips softly grinding up against you teasing your cock.

I push you down to your knees spreading my dripping wet pink pussy wide open for you. Lick me, my hot, sexy older man. I know it is what you want and what you need. I want you to feel intoxicated by me. I want you to be addicted to me and only me. Feeling your hungry mouth against my swollen clitty only makes me grind harder, faster, using you like a toy. Yes, yes, OH FUCK YES lover keep going. I do want to grind your face right now and feed you my sweet,creamy love juice while I explode in orgasmic bliss.

Are you man enough to have your way with me in this steamy shower? Maybe its me that that will take total control and use this as yet another training session to mold you. Seduce you into becoming my perfect sex slave. You do want to be mine don’t you? 😉

Cum entice & delight all your senses….

Call me now lover!

Princess Abby
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