String Theory and Naughty School Girl


I normally work nights and I have been working some days on Nf.I have been away for almost three weeks from Nf phone sex, these midterms are a bit rough, I have a million papers to write on the current state if things, books to read, presentations to get ready for, etc. etc… And all I can think of is about those particular individuals who made my days hot here, since I had to go to school at nighttime blah. I missed all my Night guys.

It’s a bit difficult to have a decent sexual release when I have presidential debates to analyze, physics homework and teachers to manage, giggles.  I have had enough, I needed a sexual release, so I went on the hunt.

I am am cute and adorable pretty. Yes I know this, cause all the older men tell me so. I have small 34c breasts, a slender waist, my curves are just right. It is a bit annoying when people take me for a snob, or an airhead. When I open my mouth to speak, they quickly retract their statements… It’s amazing how much more attractive a female can be once the male learns she is intelligent. Knowledge is power, baby, and I know how how to use it. In the end, I always get what I want.

There was a particular day in my Physics class, that I noticed a guy who I had my eyes on for quite some time, he glanced at me as he entered the room.  I Wanted him. He was a bit of a nerd and always wanted to talk to me but i was always too busy. That day, I was horny and he reminded me of a combination of Brad Pitt in “Interview with a Vampire” and Val Kilmer from “Tombstone.” Long mahogany colored hair, fair skin tone, nicely trimmed beard. 6ft 3inches or so, fit but not insanely muscular. Omg so hot, can you picture this? (That is for the submissives out there that like cock, of course I understand its not for every guy lol.)Very Viking looking of Him. The lecture of String Theory could wait, nothing I didn’t know anyways. Multiple dimensions didn’t matter. All that mattered was that this guy got me hot and bothered, I had to make him mine.


Someone surely was looking out for on this particular day because he sat right behind me. I slipped him a note, I told him to massage my neck, his hands felt so good rubbing my neck and shoulders. I was wearing a tank top with the Batman logo (Ok , yes I am a geek) spread across my breasts, hard to miss me. I moved my bra straps slowly and sensually downwards. So he could rub some more with out obstacles. I wanted to forget about the classroom full of nerds and just Fuck him right then and there in front of everyone. I played out a bunch of scenes in my head where I would grab his long hair and pull him to the front of the class, throw the professor’s papers off the desk, pull his pants down and just start sucking his hard Dick.

Mmmmmmhh, just the thought gets me wet even now. Ok yes, had to stop typing this to masterbate a little. hehe

I’d imagine that everyone would watch as this Viking boy in my physics class asks me to tie his hands and ankles to the legs of the desk and just grind my pussy away on his face, letting him gasp for air once in awhile, and then asking for more. In my mind, I imagine I take off my skinny jeans and slowly pull my lace panties to the side, after he is tied in, I climb onto his body, his Dick harder than a diamond. “Let me do the work baby, let’s get an A” everyone watching, jerking off to my body.

I have to breathe, all these thoughts racing through my head, the professor asks me what my thoughts are on the unification of gravity vs particle physics,  and all I can think about are these hands running my shoulders, oh and of course, my pussy licked. I think he knows my mind is elsewhere. Because Mr Professor has a wicked grin on his face, and a bulge.

The beautiful Viking whispers into my ear. The class is over, I get up, walk up to him. He is still sitting down, apparently trying to hide his huge erection in his pants. Very cute. I known he can smell the pheromones of my wet pussy. I take him by the hand, lead him to my car. The exact words I said to him were, “Do not disappoint me and do as I say.” So he did.

Did I mention how much I love to deepthroat?

Exhale. Exactly the release I needed. I should do that more often.


Princess Abby

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