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School Girl

It takes a naughty, tease princess like me to have Home Wrecking Phone Sex. I’ll take you right to the edge while your wife is sleeping in the other room. Now how is that for on the edge excitement? I’ll have you going crazy trying not to make a sound. Make no mistakes, I want her to know about me so I’ll try everything in my power to let her know. I’ll have you begging for me to stop the pleasure raging through your entire body. Have you ever done something so terribly dirty and been so close to losing it all? That’s how you’ll be with my Home Wrecking Phone Sex. Call now!

Home Wrecking Phone Sex

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#Panty Boy


I came home early from school yesterday and found you in my room trying on all my panties! I Caught You Wearing My Panties Phone Sex got you all excited didn’t it.  But I’m not surprised at all.  You are always going through my dresser feeling and touching my panties and stockings.  Every time you pick up a pair and run your fingers over them, your eyes close and you moan softly. I’m not sure which turns you on more, the feeling and wearing them, or knowing they’ve been on my sweet little pussy that you love so much.  When I caught you wearing them and made you sniff and lick the crotch, I could see the bulge in your pants get bigger.  And when I took off the ones i’d been wearing all day in the  heat and rubbed them all over your face you were on the edge of blowing your load.  I love when your my panty boy. Omg! You just look so cute and adorable.

If you are a naughty panty boy . You should give me a call and we can have some naughty panty boy phone sex.

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Taboo Teen Phone Sex

role play phone sex abby3

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I’m the bad babysitter, the nympho nanny, Sugar Daddy’s tiny model, and your extreme young Fuck doll. Or you can be my little bitch or fuck doll. There are no limits. I know I look sweet and innocent, but you should know by now, looks are truly deceiving. Then again, I wouldn’t be the best at role play phone sex if I didn’t act and look the part, now would I? I am a Princess but on this listing I will not be dominate or that brat that makes you edge, call the other listings. This one is for all the controlling older men, and sweet guys.  I love the darker fantasies, the ones you’ve been too scared to share with anyone. Trust me, I don’t think your sick, I think you’re fucking perfect!!! I think all this time you’ve been suffering through long sleepless nights because your forbidden fantasies have been haunting you, and I think you need to indulge in those naughty fantasies with a forbidden slut just like me. what you really need, what you know you need, is a hot little coed tease guaranteed to make you shiver and shake and SQUIRT! Hee hee. That will be me! But one things most importantly do not call me to be a sub that you degrade, sorry not into that. I can be submissive in a nice, respectful way from you.

I’m an anything goes temptation, there’s no taboo fantasy too sick or extreme for me… What are you waiting for? Call the Young Little Abby for the taboo, chit chat of a lifetime.

Abby your teen slut

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Teacher’s Pet

School GirlWhen I was a high school girl, I found out all about how dirty some teachers can be. You see, I walked back into my classroom during lunch time, as I had forgotten my sweater since it was a very cold day outside.

The lights were off and at first I didn’t even see anyone in there, but when I opened the door I realized I had interrupted my teacher doing something very naughty at his desk. He was sitting there with his cock in his hand stroking it. I didn’t know what he was doing, and when he noticed me he seemed so embarrassed. He told me to come in and shut the door behind me.

My kinky teacher called me over to his desk and asked me if I had ever seen a cock before. I told him no, I hadn’t, and asked him what he was doing. That’s when he told me to get on my knees and open my mouth. Since he was my teacher I wanted to be sure and do everything he said, and he promised me a A if I did a good job.

That’s when he started rubbing his big hard cock all over my face. I looked up and my creepy teacher had the panties right up to his nose, sniffing them deeply. This was the schoolteacher Phone Sex ever! He slid his dick in my mouth and began to cum in it almost right away. Of course I swallowed every drop, I wanted to be the teacher’s pet!

Are you a teacher? Or just a older man that loves a hot young girl like me. Think of all the naughty things we can do together. Give me a call. Your naughty school girl is waiting for you. I am a Princess that does all fantasy’s and role-plays. I have no limits on what we can talk about.

Princess Abby

Panty Boi


Are you a closet sissy? I know you secret. Wanna share?

I bet no one knows you like to wear something silky and frilly under that business suit. Hell your proboly the boss in the office. If only they knew the truth about you. But this Princess knows everything.

I am sure your wife or your girlfriend doesn’t know you are wearing her clothes right now, does she? She doesn’t even know that you like to go to the glory hole late at night and suck strange cock while shes out of town, does she?

And she would be appalled to see you like this. Right.

…because, Love, that outfit is tragic! I know fashion, and pairing that skirt with those shoes is obviously a cry for help.

Now it isn’t normally in my nature, charity and helping and all that, but when I see crimes of fashion happen to perfectly good people, it does manage to touch my jaded heart. Omg you need to learn that clothes need to match and look good. Goodness!!

So call me up and let me help you, Sissy.

We can chat all about it. Even spend some time going through catalogs and online picking outfits, hair and makeup looks and everything. We’ll make your spa appointments for waxing and pedicures. I’ll even send you to the mall with a camera phone if it’ll help! I will also call Victoria Secrets and let the sales girl know your coming.

Now you can’t be all sensitive if I get amused looking at your little clitty in those panties. And don’t take it too personally if I get a little impatient while I am cock training you.

Well, you’re dressed like a girl, don’t you want to take it like one?

Or did you just want to feel soft and pretty? Put it this way, you can be a lesbian or a cocksucker.

Whatever you prefer. It’s your fantasy.

Princess Abby

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New Black Mail Bitch

Here is my newest blackmail phone sex  bitch. He just loves his Princess Abby.  I love when all my bitches pay their $50 fee to be exposed on my blog and all my social media sites.

See how brave he is. Now you can be exposed just like this little cock sucker.

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Princess Abby

Camping Trip Sex

abby for template - Copy

My Friends and I are planning a camping trip for this weekend. My pussy is so wet just thinking about it. My nipples won’t stop showing through my bra and shirt. I am just steadily daydreaming about all the wonderful trouble we can find ourselves out there in the wilderness.

I hope that we find some stranger guys to plug up all our  holes and that they spank our asses as well, and I hope they treat my body like it’s a dirty slut-bag cum dumpster. And I want to treat their bodies like I own them, I want to have my way with them in incredible positions and locations. I want to abuse their bodies while forcing them ever closer to a soul-sucking orgasm. I want their dicks so far down my throat that I can’t breathe for having my airway shut off. I want to ride one while the I give the other a hand job and he licks my puss and our brother’s dick as it thrusts in and out of me. I want to watch them suck each other before plunging both their cocks into my ass and turn it into a gaping crater. I hope by the time the weekend is through, my pussy and ass are of little use to anyone for a few days. Yeah, I’m daydreaming. OK then I woke up and realized, what the fuck. Im a Princess. Im not some cum slut whore, and either are my friends. We surely will find some guys this weekend in the wilderness. But they will be little bitches. They will do what we say. I am thinking they are the ones that are going to be the cock sucking cum dumpsters. Image all the cum they will have all over their faces. They will be begging for it.  Haha. Ok guys I am a switch. I can go either way. Call me and lets play.


Princess Abby