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Are you a closet sissy? I know you secret. Wanna share?

I bet no one knows you like to wear something silky and frilly under that business suit. Hell your proboly the boss in the office. If only they knew the truth about you. But this Princess knows everything.

I am sure your wife or your girlfriend doesn’t know you are wearing her clothes right now, does she? She doesn’t even know that you like to go to the glory hole late at night and suck strange cock while shes out of town, does she?

And she would be appalled to see you like this. Right.

…because, Love, that outfit is tragic! I know fashion, and pairing that skirt with those shoes is obviously a cry for help.

Now it isn’t normally in my nature, charity and helping and all that, but when I see crimes of fashion happen to perfectly good people, it does manage to touch my jaded heart. Omg you need to learn that clothes need to match and look good. Goodness!!

So call me up and let me help you, Sissy.

We can chat all about it. Even spend some time going through catalogs and online picking outfits, hair and makeup looks and everything. We’ll make your spa appointments for waxing and pedicures. I’ll even send you to the mall with a camera phone if it’ll help! I will also call Victoria Secrets and let the sales girl know your coming.

Now you can’t be all sensitive if I get amused looking at your little clitty in those panties. And don’t take it too personally if I get a little impatient while I am cock training you.

Well, you’re dressed like a girl, don’t you want to take it like one?

Or did you just want to feel soft and pretty? Put it this way, you can be a lesbian or a cocksucker.

Whatever you prefer. It’s your fantasy.

Princess Abby

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New Black Mail Bitch

Here is my newest blackmail phone sex  bitch. He just loves his Princess Abby.  I love when all my bitches pay their $50 fee to be exposed on my blog and all my social media sites.

See how brave he is. Now you can be exposed just like this little cock sucker.

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Princess Abby

Phone Sex Exposure


I love it so much when I have a guy call me and wants to be exposed sissy. The best part is when they pay for it. Cause this princess does not do it for free. haha losers!

So let me introduce to you, my newest pay piggy, submissive faggot. His name is David Gordon – 212-941-3776 his email address is –

Feel free to email him, and call him, I think if there are guys out there he would be willing to hook up with you. Of course he is paid cocksucker. All money he makes go directly to me. Make sure to post comment and get a good laugh. Lets humiliate this bitch. If you need to help being a sissy, I can help you, train you. I will push your limits and make you into a proper whore just like david. He loves to go to glory holes. Do you?

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Camping Trip Sex

abby for template - Copy

My Friends and I are planning a camping trip for this weekend. My pussy is so wet just thinking about it. My nipples won’t stop showing through my bra and shirt. I am just steadily daydreaming about all the wonderful trouble we can find ourselves out there in the wilderness.

I hope that we find some stranger guys to plug up all our  holes and that they spank our asses as well, and I hope they treat my body like it’s a dirty slut-bag cum dumpster. And I want to treat their bodies like I own them, I want to have my way with them in incredible positions and locations. I want to abuse their bodies while forcing them ever closer to a soul-sucking orgasm. I want their dicks so far down my throat that I can’t breathe for having my airway shut off. I want to ride one while the I give the other a hand job and he licks my puss and our brother’s dick as it thrusts in and out of me. I want to watch them suck each other before plunging both their cocks into my ass and turn it into a gaping crater. I hope by the time the weekend is through, my pussy and ass are of little use to anyone for a few days. Yeah, I’m daydreaming. OK then I woke up and realized, what the fuck. Im a Princess. Im not some cum slut whore, and either are my friends. We surely will find some guys this weekend in the wilderness. But they will be little bitches. They will do what we say. I am thinking they are the ones that are going to be the cock sucking cum dumpsters. Image all the cum they will have all over their faces. They will be begging for it.  Haha. Ok guys I am a switch. I can go either way. Call me and lets play.


Princess Abby

Laundry Day

abby17 (3)

Friday Afternoons is my day to laundry. Of course this was last Friday and my washing was not working. I had to go to my Bff’s Apartment to do laundry. Of course she does not have laundry in her condo so you have walk down the hall. When I arrived down the hall to the laundry room in her building there was a service repair man working on the machines. I asked how long it was going to take and he said maybe all day he needed to service the machines. I asked him if there was anyway I could help speed up the process, he stood up from behind the washer and pointed towards me, closing the door. I turned to shut the door and when I turned around he had the head of his cock sticking out of his pants. He reached for the back of my head and shoved me down on my knees and shoved his cock down my throat. He said this is the only thing that will speed up this process. If you are lucky I just might even fuck you with this 9 inch cock. He grabbed the back of my head and I could feel his cock throbbing in the back part of my throat. He started fucking my face just like it was a tight, teen pussy. He fucked my face so hard that I nearly threw up on his cock, this made his laugh and made him fuck my face faster. This produced more saliva in my mouth, there was so much saliva that it was pouring out the sides of my mouth. My eye make-up began to run and he took his finger and rubbed my mascara across my cheeks. He grabbed a handful of my hair and thrust me against the clothes sorting table and he rammed his large cock deep inside my ass. I let out a scream as began spanking my ass. A few minutes of him thrusting my ass, the door popped open and a teen age girl stood there watching him drill my ass. He said, careful I wouldn’t stand there too long you might be next. She closed the door and he drilled my ass so hard it banged my head into the wall, with that he came in my ass and then his cock out and left me there bent over the table with his cum dripping out onto the floor. He went back to fixing the washer. What a laundry day! Later I told my Bff about my experience in her laundry room. She said WTF! Where is that man every time I do laundry. I just laughed.


Princess Abby

Teen Next Door Phone Sex

School Girl

Oh, sweet young girls are what you crave and I’ve got the young  looks you can’t get enough of. A Tight teen girl like me evoke a deep feeling of horny desire and eroticism from deep within your loins and though you know it’s oh-so-wrong you can’t help but become aroused with all the sexy girls you see all around you. So many tiny girls, each with their own perfect body to tease and taunt you with… Cotton candy perfume, sticky sweet lip gloss, soft skin and perky tight bodies… Cum over and play with me! You know you want to. You cant help it. You can call me for all taboo phone sex.

If you are wanting just naughty hot teen sex you can call me on Niteflirt. Click the button to the right. Remember this princess will not be a teen for long, as I do turn 20 yrs old on Sunday July 3rd. Thats right guys I have a birthday coming up. So come and spoil me with tributes and gifts. Thank You for the wonderful guys that have already started buying me gifts. Its so nice to hear the door bell ring and you know its the mailman, or ups guy bringing a birthday present that someone ordered off of my amazon wish list. I do all fetishes, and taboos.

Hope to talk to all soon. Remember you can call me on anyone of three different services listed on the right.


ext: 10474653


Princess Abby

Slutty Neighbor Girl Phone Sex


I’m not your typical teen neighborhood girl that’s for sure.  Not only do I love to be a  young dirty slut, but I have a very naughty side to me that just won’t stop. Slutty Neighbor Phone Sex with me involves you watching me and my little friend for months. And today she totally pissed me off. So I thought, revenge for me, young pussy for you….. perfect combination.

I brought her over and she did not have any idea what a dirty fucking pervert you are.  And the look on your face was so funny when you saw that beautiful black hair and deep green eyes that just stood right out.  I had slipped her something special, so she didn’t have a clue what was going on as your lips sucked and licked every inch of her sweet body. She just knew that she was horny and hot and needed you.

As I urged you to go further you just couldn’t stop yourself could you.  Spreading those nice young thighs, and sliding your cock deep inside, didn’t take too long for you were blowing your load inside of her. You’d love for me to be your Slutty Neighbor Phone Sex girl wouldn’t you?

Looking for an accomplice for some Slutty Neighbor Phone Sex?

Give me a call, No limits Phone Sex

Princess Abby