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#Panty Boy


I came home early from school yesterday and found you in my room trying on all my panties! I Caught You Wearing My Panties Phone Sex got you all excited didn’t it.  But I’m not surprised at all.  You are always going through my dresser feeling and touching my panties and stockings.  Every time you pick up a pair and run your fingers over them, your eyes close and you moan softly. I’m not sure which turns you on more, the feeling and wearing them, or knowing they’ve been on my sweet little pussy that you love so much.  When I caught you wearing them and made you sniff and lick the crotch, I could see the bulge in your pants get bigger.  And when I took off the ones i’d been wearing all day in the  heat and rubbed them all over your face you were on the edge of blowing your load.  I love when your my panty boy. Omg! You just look so cute and adorable.

If you are a naughty panty boy . You should give me a call and we can have some naughty panty boy phone sex.

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New Black Mail Bitch

Here is my newest blackmail phone sex  bitch. He just loves his Princess Abby.  I love when all my bitches pay their $50 fee to be exposed on my blog and all my social media sites.

See how brave he is. Now you can be exposed just like this little cock sucker.

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Princess Abby

Phone Sex Exposure


I love it so much when I have a guy call me and wants to be exposed sissy. The best part is when they pay for it. Cause this princess does not do it for free. haha losers!

So let me introduce to you, my newest pay piggy, submissive faggot. His name is David Gordon – 212-941-3776 his email address is – david.gor@gmail.com

Feel free to email him, and call him, I think if there are guys out there he would be willing to hook up with you. Of course he is paid cocksucker. All money he makes go directly to me. Make sure to post comment and get a good laugh. Lets humiliate this bitch. If you need to help being a sissy, I can help you, train you. I will push your limits and make you into a proper whore just like david. He loves to go to glory holes. Do you?

If you would like to be exposed be sure to call me on niteflirt on my feminization listing.


Teen Princess Looking for New Phonesex Friends

What really gets your cock throbbing hard? Maybe a cute, little Teen Princess as myself with a soft sweet pussy for you to lick. Or Perhaps a Bratt Princess to take control of you. Making you do whatever ever I ask. Of course now all this is for my pleasure and entertainment only. See I am what matters, why else would I be a Princess.

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Maybe there is something else that will get you really going. Take a look at the list below!

Sugar Daddy’s, Sissy’s, Small Penis Humliation, Giving me your money, Pay Pig’s, Feminization, GFE, Joi, Girl Next Door, Taboos with Your Teen, The list goes on and on as I have no limits on what we can talk about. Do you want to play and have some hot Phone sex fun?

Give me a call on Niteflirt and lets see what we can cum up with.

Princess Abby

Strap On Sex


My best friends dad is so hot. Omg! I mean, I have always had sex fantasy’s about him. I have always admired how tall his lean body is. Oh and what a tight ass he has as well. Such a flirt he is and a charming man as well. I have wanted to fuck him for so long.

So my perfect opportunity came yesterday afternoon. I went over to her house, and of course she was not home. Well no one answered the door, so I decided I was just going to just walk in. See I have always done this. I walked into the house, did not see anyone. So I walked to the back of the house where the bedrooms were. That is when I walked into my Bff’s daddys room.

I was so shocked at what I saw. He was standing there admiring his self in the mirror. Wearing only a pair of pink lacy pantys. To my surprised he pulled out a dildo from a drawer and started to suck on it. Oh my goodness is what I said out loud. Of course he was shocked and terrified that he had been caught in the act.

I asked him if he needed some help. Then I reached into his draw and found a strap on. I slowly undressed and put it on. I then commanded him to get on his knees and start sucking if like the little slut he was. He obeyed and did as he was told. Funny all this time i wanted to fuck him. I just did not know what I really wanted was to fuck him in has ass.

That is what happened , he got on his hands and knees and I penetrated and fucked him so good and hard. Oh talk about a bitch screaming with pleasure. Now you can be a good slut daddy as well and take it. Or maybe you even want the real thing.

Give me a call and we can play together.
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Sissy Phone Sex

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I love when you call me and you are all dressed up in your pink Satin panties, matching bra, garter, and pink stockings and pink cum fuck me heels! All dressed up like a little cock sucking pantie whore, bitch you are! Once you tell me what you are wearing,I make you grab all your makeup that I made you buy, and start putting it on for me. Of course I give you instructions and tips. Im always there for you every step of the way. But please, come on you forgot the Pink lipstick and lipgloss. Yes, you know that is important, cause you need to have have pretty Pink cocksucking lips.

You then start telling me stories about when you were at the sex club in Vegas one weekend, and you went to the adult theater, and it was so dark and the stranger next to you saw you with your pants down in your panties. I got so hot hearing you tell me how the stranger reached out and grabbed hold of your hard cock and started to stroke it for you.

I am imagining your panties pulled down around your ankles and you being jacked off by the stranger. He is getting turned on by your sexy pink panties and sexy stockings! He pulls his cock out and you get on your knees and start Sucking the strangers big hard cock! Your sexy pink lipstick and lip gloss smearing all over his throbbing Cock! You end your story with the Stranger Shooting his load all over your pretty pink lips and down your throat! OMG! This was so so hot.

This story gets me so hot I decide its time for you to eat your cum load! I make you get on your back legs up in the air and Cock pointing at your face! I make the pantie boy jerk it until he shoots his load all over his face and in his mouth! OPEN WIDE!!!!!! Now of course I keep teasing you and driving you crazy. You want to cum right away. But I tell you it will cost you. So right away you send me $50. Damn your desperate. But that is ok I am happy to take the money. LMFAO, Yes you love when I laugh at you so sweetly. Now you cum so so hard. You confess to me – TY Princess that was so delicious.

Your sweet little Feminization Princess

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