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Teacher’s Pet

School GirlWhen I was a high school girl, I found out all about how dirty some teachers can be. You see, I walked back into my classroom during lunch time, as I had forgotten my sweater since it was a very cold day outside.

The lights were off and at first I didn’t even see anyone in there, but when I opened the door I realized I had interrupted my teacher doing something very naughty at his desk. He was sitting there with his cock in his hand stroking it. I didn’t know what he was doing, and when he noticed me he seemed so embarrassed. He told me to come in and shut the door behind me.

My kinky teacher called me over to his desk and asked me if I had ever seen a cock before. I told him no, I hadn’t, and asked him what he was doing. That’s when he told me to get on my knees and open my mouth. Since he was my teacher I wanted to be sure and do everything he said, and he promised me a A if I did a good job.

That’s when he started rubbing his big hard cock all over my face. I looked up and my creepy teacher had the panties right up to his nose, sniffing them deeply. This was the schoolteacher Phone Sex ever! He slid his dick in my mouth and began to cum in it almost right away. Of course I swallowed every drop, I wanted to be the teacher’s pet!

Are you a teacher? Or just a older man that loves a hot young girl like me. Think of all the naughty things we can do together. Give me a call. Your naughty school girl is waiting for you. I am a Princess that does all fantasy’s and role-plays. I have no limits on what we can talk about.

Princess Abby


Sugar Daddy Poker Night

Are you ready for a naughty secret? My Sugar Daddy kinda loves to make me his dirty little slut and I kinda love it! Sugar Daddy loves my hot little, tight body and all the dirty little things I do to him with it. Sugar Daddy surprised me the other day. He told me that he was going to have a poker game and that I was going to be the entertainment for it. I got really turned on and had to fuck my Sugar Daddy right then and there because the thought of being the entertainment to all his friends just made my shaved little pussy so wet!
img-thingSaturday night my Sugar Daddy had me dress in my shortest little school girl skirt with the cutest pink lace panties and little white button up top. Not to mention the white knee high socks, and cute black Mary Jane shoes. As the game started I came down into the living room and sat down on my Sugar Daddy’s lap. His friends can never take their eyes off me normally but tonight they kept staring at my perfect tits popping out of my white top. OK, I had a couple buttons undone to show off a little more. I had them hot and ready in a matter of moments. As I was sitting on Sugar Daddy’s lap, I began to grind my perfect little ass on him, feeling his hard cock pressing into my ass. As Daddy slid his hands up my body, pulling my tight little white blouse up I smiled and asked who wanted to play with me.
Sugar Daddy cupped my tits and told them I was the entertainment for tonight. Tom, my Sugar Daddy’s friend was over in a second sliding me his big, fat, hard cock and I was more than ready for every single inch of it. I had felt Tom’s hard cock many times through his pants but I had never gotten to see it out of his pants. It was so huge that I could only suck that huge fucking cock for so long before I was begging him to fuck me with it.
I think it took Tom seconds to have me on my back, his big, fat cock slamming into my tight little pussy. God, it was so big and felt so good that I couldn’t help but squirt cum all over it. My Sugar Daddy knows me so well and knows how much I need lots of big hard cock and he just loves it too. He had his cock out and stroking it as I took one of his friends in my pussy and one in my ass at the same time. He told me what a good little girl I am as he squirted his load all over my face.
I was so tired on Sunday but boy was it worth it! I can’t wait until my Sugar Daddy has another poker game again!


Princess Abby