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My Best Friends Dad

My BFF’s Dad is SUCH a hottie! OMG!!- He has this sexy deep voice, and that yummy salt n’ pepper colored hair… His dark blue eyes are to die for.. and it just so happens, I walked in on him one evening jacking  off in the living room. His cock was long, thick, and made me so damn wet!School Girl

“Abby! Uh.. Uh.. what are you… doing there?” I batted my long lashes and walked slowly over to sit in his lap. “Well, I heard some noises coming from in here… and I had to come check and see if everything’s ok! It’s a good thing I did, since you are in desperate need of a horny wet mouth to finish you off!” I wickedly smiled. His mouth hung open.. and I playfully placed 1 finger under his chin to close it. I shimmied on down to my knees and wrapped one hand around the base of his throbbing cock. He tried to stop me- But who can resist a teen like me?

At one point I hovered my dripping wet cunt over the tip of his head. I rubbed it up against my swelling clit until I climaxed all over him. My sweet girl cum dripped down his long hard shaft… and then I… *wink* Opps you will have to call me to hear the rest of the story. 

Princess Abby – Taboo Role Play Phone Sex

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#School Girl Phone Sex

School Girl

I can be so bad, and naughty, can you? Do you have some dirty,taboo thoughts running through your mind? So bad that you have not shared them with anyone? If so then perhaps you need to call your Princess Abby. I may be only 19, but I have always been a naughty girl. Dont let my cute, adorable looks fool you. I am really not that innocent. I was raised as a catholic school girl. I have gone off of that path. I have decided I am going to be bad all the time. But the thing about being a catholic school that was wonderful growing up was. You go to confession and say a few hail marys, and few our fathers and you are forgiven. So I could suck all the cock I wanted. I could fuck my mother best friends husband. All would be forgiven. So as you can see,sense I was forgiven for all those transgressions I can keep doing naughty sex things. I was thinking that since its another year, perhaps I will be a virgin and start all over again. Will come and sin with me? Lets be bad together.

Princess Abby

String Theory and Naughty School Girl


I normally work nights and I have been working some days on Nf.I have been away for almost three weeks from Nf phone sex, these midterms are a bit rough, I have a million papers to write on the current state if things, books to read, presentations to get ready for, etc. etc… And all I can think of is about those particular individuals who made my days hot here, since I had to go to school at nighttime blah. I missed all my Night guys.

It’s a bit difficult to have a decent sexual release when I have presidential debates to analyze, physics homework and teachers to manage, giggles.  I have had enough, I needed a sexual release, so I went on the hunt.

I am am cute and adorable pretty. Yes I know this, cause all the older men tell me so. I have small 34c breasts, a slender waist, my curves are just right. It is a bit annoying when people take me for a snob, or an airhead. When I open my mouth to speak, they quickly retract their statements… It’s amazing how much more attractive a female can be once the male learns she is intelligent. Knowledge is power, baby, and I know how how to use it. In the end, I always get what I want.

There was a particular day in my Physics class, that I noticed a guy who I had my eyes on for quite some time, he glanced at me as he entered the room.  I Wanted him. He was a bit of a nerd and always wanted to talk to me but i was always too busy. That day, I was horny and he reminded me of a combination of Brad Pitt in “Interview with a Vampire” and Val Kilmer from “Tombstone.” Long mahogany colored hair, fair skin tone, nicely trimmed beard. 6ft 3inches or so, fit but not insanely muscular. Omg so hot, can you picture this? (That is for the submissives out there that like cock, of course I understand its not for every guy lol.)Very Viking looking of Him. The lecture of String Theory could wait, nothing I didn’t know anyways. Multiple dimensions didn’t matter. All that mattered was that this guy got me hot and bothered, I had to make him mine.


Someone surely was looking out for on this particular day because he sat right behind me. I slipped him a note, I told him to massage my neck, his hands felt so good rubbing my neck and shoulders. I was wearing a tank top with the Batman logo (Ok , yes I am a geek) spread across my breasts, hard to miss me. I moved my bra straps slowly and sensually downwards. So he could rub some more with out obstacles. I wanted to forget about the classroom full of nerds and just Fuck him right then and there in front of everyone. I played out a bunch of scenes in my head where I would grab his long hair and pull him to the front of the class, throw the professor’s papers off the desk, pull his pants down and just start sucking his hard Dick.

Mmmmmmhh, just the thought gets me wet even now. Ok yes, had to stop typing this to masterbate a little. hehe

I’d imagine that everyone would watch as this Viking boy in my physics class asks me to tie his hands and ankles to the legs of the desk and just grind my pussy away on his face, letting him gasp for air once in awhile, and then asking for more. In my mind, I imagine I take off my skinny jeans and slowly pull my lace panties to the side, after he is tied in, I climb onto his body, his Dick harder than a diamond. “Let me do the work baby, let’s get an A” everyone watching, jerking off to my body.

I have to breathe, all these thoughts racing through my head, the professor asks me what my thoughts are on the unification of gravity vs particle physics,  and all I can think about are these hands running my shoulders, oh and of course, my pussy licked. I think he knows my mind is elsewhere. Because Mr Professor has a wicked grin on his face, and a bulge.

The beautiful Viking whispers into my ear. The class is over, I get up, walk up to him. He is still sitting down, apparently trying to hide his huge erection in his pants. Very cute. I known he can smell the pheromones of my wet pussy. I take him by the hand, lead him to my car. The exact words I said to him were, “Do not disappoint me and do as I say.” So he did.

Did I mention how much I love to deepthroat?

Exhale. Exactly the release I needed. I should do that more often.


Princess Abby

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Teen School Girl

Mr. Daniels’ psychology class was silent as usual. But to some of the students they got an odd chill up their spines. The kind of chill that you get when the weather may turn bad, or even when it seems as though something in the room is out of place. Whatever the cause of the chill the students all felt its effect, and many of them could not wait till last bell.

I watched as Mr. Daniels strolled from one side of the room to the other with long broad steps. Somehow this seemed to put my mind into a place of slumber, because the only thing I remembered from class after the last bell rang was the homework pages for that night and my friend Anna tapping me on the shoulder and getting me awake so we could get a ride from Anna’s mother.

“Ally! Yo, Abby, wake your ass up girl! Time to get outta this junk heap of learning, and back to my place for some pizza and movies.” I thought the sound of Anna’s shrill voice mimicked that of a large parakeet which had become ravenous for attention.

“Yeah, yeah… I know, Anna.” I sighed as I forced myself out of the rickety school desk-chair, despite the fact that my left leg had fallen asleep from resting it on my right knee while I napped.

I reluctantly followed Anna out to her mom’s clunky soccer-mom SUV, and climbed into the back seat next to her friend. Our bags and purses layed at our feet in a less-than meaningless pile of materialism. I had always wondered where Anna had gotten her fashion sense, and now that I could see Anna’s mother’s purse resting between the driver seat and the passenger seat I realized that Anna’s mistaken obsession for white with pink polka dot pattern wasn’t her idiocy, it was her mother’s. I had an inward giggle at her own sarcasm twirling itself around those sad thoughts.

“O-M-G, Abby! Guess what?” Anna’s mother had a voice near identical to her daughter’s, and yet so different to the point you could tell she was obviously a chain smoker while Anna was younger.

I, with a heavy inward sigh replied, “What is it Mrs. Barnes?” I knew that she hated being called by her married name. Her husband was everything but the ideal spouse.

“Call me, Barb, hon.” she corrected in lightning speed, as though she could not even fathom the idea of sharing one retched thing with the man she, less-often than not, called her husband.

Barb continued, “I just got you and Annabelle tickets to go see Green Day in concert next month. What do you think of that?” I hated Green Day, almost as much as she hated Mrs. Barnes and her sad excuse for a husband. She also hated it when ‘Barb’ called her daughter by her birth name and refused to acknowledge her nickname outside of her home life.

“That sounds like fun” she bluffed. I knew she would not be able to go anyways. Her father was too busy to worry himself with worrying about her. So much so he skipped the whole thing and never let her go to concerts or anything out of the city without him, unless of course it was for a school function or could better her education about his bustling business.

Anna was excited about Green Day, and had always seemed oblivious that I hated all music that wasn’t classical or symphony. Anna also never stopped to wonder why I cringed when her mother called her ‘Annabelle’ instead of ‘Anna’, Anna also did not notice how i cringed when i was called Abigail. For a supposed ‘best friend’ she wasn’t very good at knowing anything about her friends. Anna was too worried about parties and fun events to care about anything other than herself and her mother’s happiness.

Barbara-Lynn Barnes continued to drive, she knew Abigail’s taste in music wouldn’t be the same as Annabelle’s, but she figured what it is going to hurt anyways. Barb knew about Jameson Freidman and his adopt-a-daughter relationship with Abigail. She even use to date Jameson before he became the prick he was today. She felt sorry for Abigail, but she knew that, because Jameson would never let Abigail go to the concert, that Barb herself would end up going with her daughter by default. Whether or not she felt guilty of slighted deception, she was determined to spend time with her daughter.

The SUV veered into the driveway of the small sub-rural community of, Shady Springs, and all I could think about was what my father would come up with for me to do instead of going to the concert. Although, as previously mentioned, it’s not like I was looking forward to Green Day or any other concert that wasn’t played by a symphony or an orchestra in a perfect acoustical environment. I loved classical music, almost as much as I loved my Psych teacher, Mr. Daniels. I only wished that someday he would see my desire for him and free me from the ill-fated-heiress destiny of me and my controlling adoptive father’s architecture company. I hated architecture so much more than anything I could ever think of.

“Anna… Do you think–” I started to ask a question that I knew the answer to, but unlucky for me, one of the few times Anna actually listened just so happened to be now, at that moment in the guest room.

“What’s up Abby?” Anna asked in her high-pitched bird voice. Once again the name ‘Abby’ caused Abigail to cringe inside.

Abigail thought for a few seconds of how exactly she wanted to phrase this question before asking it. She knew that as soon as Anna found out about her love of Mr. Daniels she would gossip to every girl in their school about it, until eventually she would just be forced to give up any hope of being saved by her knight in shining mental armor.

“Um… Hypothetically speaking; if a younger woman were to fall in love for a somewhat older man, and she knew that older man had near the same feelings for her, then; do you think it would be morally wrong for him and her to make their love known, or would it be best if they just kept dancing around in a big love affair circle and until it blew wide open and everyone began to hate them and chastise them for existing as ever being a couple in the first place?” I was near surprised she had not run out of breath, but when she looked up from her gaze at the bed she caught the confused glance of Anna staring back at her.

“What the fuck was all that about, Abby?” she began to giggle with no stop in sight, and I knew I had just made a big mistake even saying anything. Not that she thought Anna even knew what she was really talking about, but what I did know was that now Anna would gossip about how weird ‘Abby’ was to bring up such an adult topic during a study night with her supposed best-friend.


The next day I knew something was wrong at school. All the girls in my gym class kept staring at me and would never lift near me in the weight training room. When it came time for lunch only Anna sat by me, and a few random jock guys from the basketball team. When I got up to dump my tray after the end bell rang for next period I noticed someone was watching me from the above staircase as I neared the top floor of the school.

“Good afternoon, Ms. Freidman?” I couldn’t even believe who was talking to me.

“M-m… Mr. Daniels? Hello…” I fumbled with my words, and cursed my lost track of mind. I couldn’t believe he was at school so early. I knew that his only class was 7th period Psychology, so I was lost in my own fantasy world as he spoke his next words.

“I hope you’re ready for Psych class today. Did you find time to read the pages I asked, or were you and Ms. Barnes having too much fun with your pillow fights?” he joked with me in his gentle yet heavy voice. I more than melted inside at the thought of him watching me do anything but homework and assignments.

“Um-um… Yes sir. I finished the last chapter on the list just this morning.” I nearly blurted at him. The butterflies in my stomach were quickly being eaten by piranhas and causing more romantic anxiety than I could bear.

“I’ll see you in class then, Ms. Freidman.” he turned on his heels and walked back in to his classroom, with a slight thud of the door behind him.

My mind wandered around the confines of my sexual fantasies the rest of the day up to 7th period. “I can’t believe he came to work early. Was it to talk to me? Does he really love me the same as I love him? Oh my God, what if this is the start of my getaway plan in motion? I can’t wait to see him again in two hours.” My heart fluttered around for the next two hours as I proceeded to sketch and doodle hearts and ribbons with his and my initials on them. I even began, at one point, writing out our names as a couple after marriage. The lettering read; “Mr. & Mrs. Chase Daniels” and another read; “Abigail Marie Daniels” I couldn’t find a stopping point for her mind until I heard the bell for 7th period ring it’s beginning. I, close to leaped out of my seat and ran for my locker fumbling with my lock and books when I felt a hand on my shoulder and his deep voice crawl into my ear.

“You seem odd today, Abby. What’s with you?” whether or not he just called her ‘Abby’ I was about to jump into the roof with excitement.

“I-I’m just nervous today I guess.” I couldn’t keep my voice from quivering with excitement.

“I don’t know if you realize this, but my class isn’t today at all. I only came to work today for two reasons, Abby.” his voice was the same gentle yet heavy tone it always was. I was beginning to like the nickname ‘Abby’ for reasons I knew, but could not comprehend. “Oh my God! Oh my GOD!” her thoughts kept racing through sexual fantasies, and I could feel my arousal sliding between my thighs as I awaited his two reasons. He looked down at me and took my lack or response as his turn to respond.

“First, I’m here because of paper work I couldn’t get done at home,” he paused for a brief moment, and held my shoulder gently still, as he guided me against the door of his room. I now realized that no one was in the halls. “Oh God, it’s early out today!” my mind had skipped a beat, and I had missed my ride home. I was now stuck here with my knight in shining armor.

“Second, I’m here because of this.” suddenly I felt his hands clasping my own to the wall behind me gently. His body pressed against mine at the waist. Now I could feel myself quivering within my very arousal. Without warning, he pressed his lips against mine and kissed me deeply. His hands now resting beneath my bottom, and lifting me up to his body more. I felt his lips leave my mouth and his tongue dance along my neckline as he then abruptly bit into my nape tenderly, and began to suckle at my soft, olive toned skin.

“Oh, Chase…” I knew I was in heaven.

The rest is some hot sex that happened some time ago, lets just say I gave away my virginity to him. Hope you enjoy this story of a young, me.

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