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Home Wrecker Phone Sex

School Girl

It takes a naughty, tease princess like me to have Home Wrecking Phone Sex. I’ll take you right to the edge while your wife is sleeping in the other room. Now how is that for on the edge excitement? I’ll have you going crazy trying not to make a sound. Make no mistakes, I want her to know about me so I’ll try everything in my power to let her know. I’ll have you begging for me to stop the pleasure raging through your entire body. Have you ever done something so terribly dirty and been so close to losing it all? That’s how you’ll be with my Home Wrecking Phone Sex. Call now!

Home Wrecking Phone Sex

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I love Married Men

My favorite type abby bannerof man, is a older, married one. Why you ask?

Well duh, they have a boring marriage. Their wives never give any sex, let alone kinky hot sex. Oh yes there is the factor of money as well. They love to give it to me.

Right now all I can need about is that Married Mans hard cock. I love it when married men call me, and tell me the deepest darkest fantasies. Just knowing the I am your little sweet Princess on the side. She dont know about me of course. But OMG I am getting all the money that she makes. Does she know she is working 60hrs a week at her job? Just to give that money to me. If only she knew. But shes old now, and surely cant give you what I can. See Im hot, and young.  I cant wait to talk to you. My sweet pussy gets so wet, when I think about you coming over to play with me. The part is when I get to go shopping afterwards. So you just like all the others can come and call me, and spoil me as well.

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Princess Abby