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My Best Friends Dad

My BFF’s Dad is SUCH a hottie! OMG!!- He has this sexy deep voice, and that yummy salt n’ pepper colored hair… His dark blue eyes are to die for.. and it just so happens, I walked in on him one evening jacking  off in the living room. His cock was long, thick, and made me so damn wet!School Girl

“Abby! Uh.. Uh.. what are you… doing there?” I batted my long lashes and walked slowly over to sit in his lap. “Well, I heard some noises coming from in here… and I had to come check and see if everything’s ok! It’s a good thing I did, since you are in desperate need of a horny wet mouth to finish you off!” I wickedly smiled. His mouth hung open.. and I playfully placed 1 finger under his chin to close it. I shimmied on down to my knees and wrapped one hand around the base of his throbbing cock. He tried to stop me- But who can resist a teen like me?

At one point I hovered my dripping wet cunt over the tip of his head. I rubbed it up against my swelling clit until I climaxed all over him. My sweet girl cum dripped down his long hard shaft… and then I… *wink* Opps you will have to call me to hear the rest of the story. 

Princess Abby – Taboo Role Play Phone Sex

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Sissy bois

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For all you naughty panty boy sissy’s this is for you. As I do put different subjects on here.

If you want outed for the Sissy that your are. Send me a pic of yourself all dolled up.

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Princess Abby

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Age Play Phone Sex

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Most guys love my sweet young voice, and I will role play any fantasy,
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Princess Abby

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