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My Best Friends Dad

My BFF’s Dad is SUCH a hottie! OMG!!- He has this sexy deep voice, and that yummy salt n’ pepper colored hair… His dark blue eyes are to die for.. and it just so happens, I walked in on him one evening jacking  off in the living room. His cock was long, thick, and made me so damn wet!School Girl

“Abby! Uh.. Uh.. what are you… doing there?” I batted my long lashes and walked slowly over to sit in his lap. “Well, I heard some noises coming from in here… and I had to come check and see if everything’s ok! It’s a good thing I did, since you are in desperate need of a horny wet mouth to finish you off!” I wickedly smiled. His mouth hung open.. and I playfully placed 1 finger under his chin to close it. I shimmied on down to my knees and wrapped one hand around the base of his throbbing cock. He tried to stop me- But who can resist a teen like me?

At one point I hovered my dripping wet cunt over the tip of his head. I rubbed it up against my swelling clit until I climaxed all over him. My sweet girl cum dripped down his long hard shaft… and then I… *wink* Opps you will have to call me to hear the rest of the story. 

Princess Abby – Taboo Role Play Phone Sex

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Laundry Day

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Friday Afternoons is my day to laundry. Of course this was last Friday and my washing was not working. I had to go to my Bff’s Apartment to do laundry. Of course she does not have laundry in her condo so you have walk down the hall. When I arrived down the hall to the laundry room in her building there was a service repair man working on the machines. I asked how long it was going to take and he said maybe all day he needed to service the machines. I asked him if there was anyway I could help speed up the process, he stood up from behind the washer and pointed towards me, closing the door. I turned to shut the door and when I turned around he had the head of his cock sticking out of his pants. He reached for the back of my head and shoved me down on my knees and shoved his cock down my throat. He said this is the only thing that will speed up this process. If you are lucky I just might even fuck you with this 9 inch cock. He grabbed the back of my head and I could feel his cock throbbing in the back part of my throat. He started fucking my face just like it was a tight, teen pussy. He fucked my face so hard that I nearly threw up on his cock, this made his laugh and made him fuck my face faster. This produced more saliva in my mouth, there was so much saliva that it was pouring out the sides of my mouth. My eye make-up began to run and he took his finger and rubbed my mascara across my cheeks. He grabbed a handful of my hair and thrust me against the clothes sorting table and he rammed his large cock deep inside my ass. I let out a scream as began spanking my ass. A few minutes of him thrusting my ass, the door popped open and a teen age girl stood there watching him drill my ass. He said, careful I wouldn’t stand there too long you might be next. She closed the door and he drilled my ass so hard it banged my head into the wall, with that he came in my ass and then his cock out and left me there bent over the table with his cum dripping out onto the floor. He went back to fixing the washer. What a laundry day! Later I told my Bff about my experience in her laundry room. She said WTF! Where is that man every time I do laundry. I just laughed.


Princess Abby

Hot #Phonesex with Princess Abby


Hmm….I wonder what you think of when you are looking  at me. I can’t help but smile because I know that you are secretly undressing me and thinking those naughty thoughts. And when I look at you, your face turns red and you quickly look away from me hoping I did not notice. Maybe you are one of the bold ones that just keeps staring and letting me know exactly what you are thinking of!

Either way, I start thinking of what it would be like to be alone with you, maybe on the same elevator and feeling that “electric” charge in the air, an exchange of smiles but keeping within the social graces. We all do that everyday at some point but what if we just removed all the polite restraints?

Now I think the both of us now are thinking on the same page. I have no limits. I do all different types of calls ranging from Taboo Teen Girl Next door, to Your Brat Princess that will be your boss. or I can make you into my Bff and take you shopping and make you dress like a slut, and suck some cock. Im sweet and loving, but bratty as well.


Princess Abby




Sugar Daddy Phone Sex

My hot sugar daddy called me again tonight. He loves to have role play phone sex. He loves it when he takes me out in public. Im usually wearing one of my cute little short skirts for him. He likes it when I show off in public and other men look at me. I gets his cock so hard. But today I was walking around the house in my short little skirt once again, with no
When my Sugar Daddy said get your sexiest outfit on we are going out shopping, time to spoil me princess. You can imagine how excited I was. Now what hot teen girl dosent like to go shopping. Hell I love it when a man spoils me and spends his money on little ol me.

Do you want to spoil me and think about how your hard cock would feel in my hot teen pussy? Yes, I thought so most men do. Give me a call and I might tell you a naughty, taboo story or I may just control you. Hmmm lets see. You know what want what you cant have, or can you?

School Girl


Princess Abby

Spoiled Princess Abby

Strap On Sex


My best friends dad is so hot. Omg! I mean, I have always had sex fantasy’s about him. I have always admired how tall his lean body is. Oh and what a tight ass he has as well. Such a flirt he is and a charming man as well. I have wanted to fuck him for so long.

So my perfect opportunity came yesterday afternoon. I went over to her house, and of course she was not home. Well no one answered the door, so I decided I was just going to just walk in. See I have always done this. I walked into the house, did not see anyone. So I walked to the back of the house where the bedrooms were. That is when I walked into my Bff’s daddys room.

I was so shocked at what I saw. He was standing there admiring his self in the mirror. Wearing only a pair of pink lacy pantys. To my surprised he pulled out a dildo from a drawer and started to suck on it. Oh my goodness is what I said out loud. Of course he was shocked and terrified that he had been caught in the act.

I asked him if he needed some help. Then I reached into his draw and found a strap on. I slowly undressed and put it on. I then commanded him to get on his knees and start sucking if like the little slut he was. He obeyed and did as he was told. Funny all this time i wanted to fuck him. I just did not know what I really wanted was to fuck him in has ass.

That is what happened , he got on his hands and knees and I penetrated and fucked him so good and hard. Oh talk about a bitch screaming with pleasure. Now you can be a good slut daddy as well and take it. Or maybe you even want the real thing.

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#School Girl Phone Sex

School Girl

I can be so bad, and naughty, can you? Do you have some dirty,taboo thoughts running through your mind? So bad that you have not shared them with anyone? If so then perhaps you need to call your Princess Abby. I may be only 19, but I have always been a naughty girl. Dont let my cute, adorable looks fool you. I am really not that innocent. I was raised as a catholic school girl. I have gone off of that path. I have decided I am going to be bad all the time. But the thing about being a catholic school that was wonderful growing up was. You go to confession and say a few hail marys, and few our fathers and you are forgiven. So I could suck all the cock I wanted. I could fuck my mother best friends husband. All would be forgiven. So as you can see,sense I was forgiven for all those transgressions I can keep doing naughty sex things. I was thinking that since its another year, perhaps I will be a virgin and start all over again. Will come and sin with me? Lets be bad together.

Princess Abby

Age Play Phone Sex

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Most guys love my sweet young voice, and I will role play any fantasy,
from being a very young and innocent virgin, to a slutty nympho who’ll
do anything to get you off ! I am very kinky and I love taboos, so tell
me all your wildest fantasies and we can explore them together. I’ll be
a cheerleader, babysitter, even your daughters best friend, or any other
fantasy you can create. I love Hot Naughty Call ButtonRole Plays.

I want to make all of your hot, sexy fantasies come true.  Next time you need someone to deep throat that hard throbbing cock, simply call me!

Princess Abby

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